Best Ways to Fix Printer Feeding Too Many Sheets

Printer Feeding Too Many Sheets- Printing, copying, and other correspondence business needs a huge use of printers, to be more precise a “ perfect” running printer. If the hardware which we are relying on is not worthy or not doing its work properly like suddenly it starts feeding papers unevenly, giving crooked printouts and sudden paper jams, etc. then it is the time when you should pamper your machine a bit more. This is the time when you should start doing the troubleshooting process and work on different hardware analyses. Pulling more than one page is not a big issue but it can be irritating in daily use. So let’s get started.

Ways to Fix Printer Feeding Too Many Sheets

Printer Feeding Too Many Sheets

Check the paper and rollers

Is your printer pulling too many pages at a while? Wait! It may be the issue of the roller. Rollers can become smooth due to heavy use which eventually causes this problem. The way you can fix this easily is by simply replacing the roller. Or in addition, you can check the papers as well, many times due to humidity the papers become moist and that will causes them sticky to other papers. If this kind of issue persists, make sure to dry the paper before using it in order to avoid such an issue.

Check the noise-dampening foam

As per many users, if the printers seem to pull more pages, the issue can be the damp foam which can easily deteriorate and become sticky. This situation will problems in releasing paper from rollers normally. so to prevent this problem you need to noise your dampening foam, this must be hectic for a new user so try to ask the expect to do it for you.

Clean rollers

Printers owe big rollers that are designed to pull papers. Due to some issues, they may pull too many pages, so it can be so obvious that there is an issue with the rollers. To fix the problem try using the steps below-

  • Turn the printer off and disconnect it from the outlet.
  • Open the door in the rear access and release tab.
  • Watch carefully if there is any paper stuck inside, if found remove it.
  • Now clean the dirt with a soft cotton cloth, to get a better result try to dampen a cloth and try to clean the rollers from all sides.9
  • Ok so now you also have to clean the bottom rollers which are a bit hard to reach, here also you have to use a damp cloth for cleaning.
  • Then you need to be sure about the rear door, that if there is any lint or not, if found then clean it asap
  • Now wait for a few minutes, then check the printer if the issue still persists then try to reach the nearby expert.

Check the paper

In case your printer starts pulling too many pages suddenly then it is quite possible that the issue is in the paper. Most of the time the quality of the paper can cause this kind of issue, low-quality papers catch moisture easily and they stick together more often which can create this kind of problem. To avoid the problem try using standard quality papers and try to store them in a dry place.

Make customized rubber grabbers coarser

Sometimes the rubber part of the printer becomes smooth by continuous use, which may cause the printer to pull more pages than it needs. To get it fixed, you can make your own rubber coarser with a nail file simply. Go through different DIY solutions and try to make your customized rubber grabber, trust me it will work wonderfully for you. But this will need disassembling your printer, so if you are comfortable then only you can go for it otherwise ask professionals for doing the job.

Disconnect the printer from the PC

Pulling too many pages during printing can also be caused by some temporary hardware glitch. It can be quite possible that your printer might be got a bit heated up and only disconnecting it from your PC will make it the same as before, try doing it once. After doing that the issue must be resolved if not then try to do the same by removing the power outlet also, hope you will overcome the problem.

Clean printing queue

The problem can also be caused by some software issues too. If it is pulling more pages it can be due to the print queue, there might be multiple documents in the queue which can lead to this issue. So try to figure out the print queue and try to clear them once you are done.


Printing glitches can sometimes be very annoying. throughout the article, we have mentioned different reasons and solutions regarding the printer pulling too many pages at once. Apart from these, there are many more expert tips like, try not to use ripped or curled papers, making sure all the papers are the same in size, don’t mix different quality papers, etc. Hope these solutions will manage you to fix the issue but, if after following all these processes the iss

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