Canon MF3010 Printer Review- Honest and Detailed

Canon MF3010 Printer Review: It was a time in the 1950s when the world got to experience the first high-speed printer. Since then, the manufacturers of printers have been trying to launch more and more developed printers.

As the result of this continuous development, today we find various kinds of printers with various features as we have already discussed in one of our previous articles. 

If you have already read that article (if you haven’t, please read it soon!), you must know that among all types of printers, laser printers are the most convenient.

In this particular article, we will give a review of one of the most popular laser printers, that is the Canon MF3010 printer which is also one of the best printers among the ImageClass printers of Canon.

Let’s start reviewing this amazing printer! 

Canon MF3010 Printer Specs at a Glance

FEATURESCanon MF3010 Printer
TypeMonochrome Laser Printer
FunctionsPrint, Scan, and Copy
Page Yield 1600 pages
Scanner TypeCIS
Scan ResolutionUp to 600 x 600dpi (Optical)
Up to 9 600 x 9 600dpi (Driver Enhanced)
DisplayUp to 9 600 x 9 600dpi
Scanner TypeFlatbed
ConnectivityUSB 2.0
Duplex PrintingManual
WiFiNot Available
Ideal UsageHome
Small Office
Print SpeedUp to 18 pages per minute
19 pages per minute
Print ResolutionUp to 600 x 600dpi
1 200 (equivalent) x 600dpi
Supported OSMS Windows
Mac OS
Dimension‎44.5 x 33 x 16.7 cm
Weight‎7 kg 600 g
Warranty1 Year

Canon imageClass MF3010 Printer Review

Canon imageClass MF3010 Printer Review
Canon MF3010 Printer Review

Design and Build Quality  

The Canon MF3010 printer is the most suitable printer for home and small offices where you need a printing gadget that is small and compact.

This printer has a new chassis shape with the dimensions of 37.2 × 27.6 × 25.4 cm. The printer is lightweight enough to move.

Moreover, it includes a pair of ridget inlets at the bottom of it that will make you more comfortable transporting it anywhere. 

Technology Used

The Canon MF3010 printer, because of being a laser printer, uses a laser beam to reproduce the image or text on paper.

This laser beam, which has an unvarying diameter, is generally able to print pages after pages with more precision.

In this process of printing, there is the least chance of spillage of an excess amount of ink. The Canon MF3010 printer uses powdered toner to print. 

Operation Panel

The Canon MF3010 printer possesses an advanced operation panel. This operation panel is so user-friendly that it will allow you to operate the printer easily.

Moreover, this panel is integrated with the printer itself and it adds a stylistic look to the device.

Page Yield 

The Canon MF3010 printer is very compatible with the Canon 925 toner cartridge. If you print using this toner cartridge, you will definitely experience a high page yield with a single cartridge, which is up to 1600 pages. 

Print Speed 

The Canon MF3010 printer is very ideal for regular printing as it can print at a fast speed. This printer uses one of the best technologies for quick printing, which is Canon’s On-Demand Fixing Technology. It is such an ideal technology that is able to transfer heat as soon as you activate the printer. 

This printer takes the least amount of time to warm itself up and delivers the first print within just 7.8 seconds. The Canon MF3010 printer can save your time yet increase your productivity rate by delivering up to 18 pages per minute. 

Print Quality 

The Canon MF3010 printer delivers prints of moderate quality. While this printer is impressing you a lot with its speed of printing, it can dissatisfy you a little with its quality of printing.

Are you worrying? Relax! If you are going to print only typical business documents, the Canon MF3010 printer will deliver outputs with up to 600 × 600 dpi resolution which is good enough.

The dissatisfaction will come only with the photo prints as they may have a few flaws or dithering patterns. 

Connectivity Features 

The Canon MF3010 printer is able to be connected only through USB cable. So it is quite difficult to use this printer at a huge workplace where so many people have to print with a single device. Only a single host computer can be connected to the Canon MF3010 printer at a time. 

Canon MF3010 Highlights

  • Great Printing Speed.
  • Superb Build Quality.
  • Mac & Windows Supported.
  • Multifunctional Printer.

Canon MF3010 Pros

  1. Suitable for home as well as small office usage. 
  2. Least expensive. 
  3. Best speed for printing. 
  4. Prevents paper jams.
  5. Dependable laser printer. 
  6. Simplified control panel. 
  7. Takes up small amount of space. 
  8. Copying and scanning features are included. 
  9. Compatible with Mac and Windows operating system. 
  10. Simple installation. 
  11. Easy toner replacement. 

Canon MF3010 Cons

  1. Only monochrome prints are done.
  2. Lack of automatic duplex printing. 
  3. Lack of automatic document feeder. 
  4. Lack of wireless networking. 
  5. Photo printing quality is not good. 

Our Verdict- It is Worth Buying?

The Canon MF3010 printer is a multifunctional printer that has a very easy setup and also very convenient features for printing, scanning, and copying.

This is the reason behind its popularity among students as well as the office – workers. But the lack of wireless connectivity features and a few printing facilities, buyers often hesitate to buy the Canon MF3010 printer. Still, we will recommend you to buy this printer for its various functions. 

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