Canon Pixma G3020 VS G3060 Printer Comparison

If you are confused between these printers, this particular Canon Pixma G3020 VS G3060 Printer comparison review can help you come out of your confusion.

Both of these two printers are superb. Let’s find out which is the ideal one for you.

Canon Pixma G3020 VS G3060 Specifications Comparison

FEATURESPixma G3020Pixma G3060
TypeInk TankInk Tank
FunctionsPrint, Scan, and CopyPrint, Scan, Copy, and Fax
Page Yield 6,000 pages (Standard)
7,600 pages (Economy)
6,000 pages (Standard)
7,600 pages (Economy)
Cost Per PrintRs 0.12 (Black & White)
Rs 0.35 (Colour)
Rs 0.12 (Black & White)
Rs 0.35 (Colour) 
Print Speed (Black/Colour)9.1ipm (Black)
5.0 pages (Colour)
10.8ipm (Black)
6.0 pages (Colour)
Display 5.08 cm LCD display5.08 cm LCD display
Duplex PrintingManualManual
Duty CycleUp to 3,000 pages/monthUp to 3,000 pages/month
OSMS Windows
Mac OS
MS Windows
Mac OS
Dimension‎44.5 x 33 x 16.7 cm‎44.5 x 33 x 16.7 cm
Weight6.4 Kilograms6.4 Kilograms
Warranty1 Year1 Year

Canon Pixma G3020 VS G3060 Printer Detailed Comparison

Canon Pixma G3020 VS G3060

Advantages Of Canon Pixma G3020 Printer

Here are some of the advantages of Canon Pixma G3020

Printing Technology

The Canon Pixma G3020 printer comes with ink tank printer technology. This kind of printer has ink reservoirs that need to be filled with liquid colors, unlike the laser printers that required ink cartridges.

Compact Design

The Canon Pixma G3020 comes in an elegant compact design that occupies very little space in your office or home.

All In One Printer

This is a multi-function printer that can be used for copying, scanning, and printing.

High Monthly Duty Cycles

Monthly duty cycle refers to a printer’s capability of providing printouts per month. You can expect up to 500 pages from this printer per month.

Fast Working Printer

The Pixma G3020 provides up to 10 monochrome A4 size printouts and up to 5 A4 size colour printouts per minute.

Quality Printing At Low Price Rates

This printer can provide up to 7 monochrome or near about 2 color printouts for only 1 rupee. This printer can provide quality printouts so one can use it to print photographs also.

Easy And Waste-free Ink Management:

This printer has integrated visible ink containers that are easy to manage and field with spill-free, fine-tipped ink bottles.

Compatible For Both Office And Home Uses

For having a good monthly duty cycle, fast performance and quality outcome use of Canon printers is quite common in offices and homes.


This is a thing that people look for, before buying a printer because a printer with Wi-Fi connectivity i.e. wireless connectivity is is convenient to connect with mobile phones and other devices.

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Disadvantages Of Pixma G3020 Printer

Here are some of the dis-advantages of Canon Pixma G3020

Costly One

The Canon Pixma G3020 costs about 17000 in Indian rupees. Although online sources give a substantial discount you need to spend at least 15000 to buy it.

Needs maintenance

If you will not care about its maintenance, use it harshly and be careless about dusting and all, then it will not last long.

Features Of Pixma G3060 Printer

Printing Technology

The Pixma G3060 Printer is an ink tank technologized.

Compact Design

This printer comes in a compact design with an LCD display panel that makes it easy to use. It weighs about 6.1 kg and takes very little space.

All In One Printer

The Canon Pixma G3060 has an inbuilt flatbed scanner. You can use it for printing, scanning, and copying.

Very high Monthly Duty Cycles

One can expect up to 3000 printouts from this printer so it is inevitably usable in cyber cafes, offices.

High PPM Rate:

PPM refers to pages per minute. Printers take more time to process color printouts than to process monochrome printouts. The Pixma G3060 can provide more than 10 monochrome and more than 5 color printers per minute.

Integrated Ink Tanks and Easy management:

The integrated visible ink tank is easy to monitor and easy to fill using compatible ink bottles.

Low Cost Per Page:

Printing cost for a printer is measured without considering the cost of pages that is printing cost for a printer is the cost that is spent to process the printouts only. As per ISO standard dis printer can provide each color and each monochrome printout at 0.35 and 0.12 paise respectively.

Good Quality Printing, Borderless Printing:

This printer provides excellent colour and monochrome printouts that can be used for project work,  for official paperwork. This printer can also provide borderless printing.

Wireless Connectivity:

This printer comes with both USB and wireless connectivity that is you can connect it wirelessly.

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Disadvantages Of Pixma G3060 Printer

A Delicate One

This is a common thing with color printers. Being more delicate, color printers require more maintenance than monochrome printers.

Very Costly

It costs about 23K Indian rupees. It is a little costly from the other company’s offerings.

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Conclusion: Canon Pixma G3020 VS G3060

No doubt but the printer are very good at their own places. For high volume uses that is for offices or cyber cafes (where more than 1000 pages are needed per month) the Pixma G3060 is better to have. Where there are no such big needs then the other one that is the Canon Pixma G3020 is enough.

Pointwise Comparison between Pixma G3020 Printer and Pixma G3060 Printer:

  • Both the printers comes with wireless connectivity.
  • Cost per page is similar.
  • PPM rate of G3060 is little higher than G3020.
  • G3060 has higher monthly duty cycle.
  • The Pixma G3060 costs higher than the other one.
  • The Pixma G3060 is compatible with voice command which is not the case with G3020
  • Printouts of The Pixma G3060 are better in terms of quality.

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  1. It will be even more helpful if you can add the model’s launch year in this page.

    Also as per Canon’s official comparison, there doesn’t seem to be fax function in G3060. Further more the only difference that I noticed is the print speed b/w G3060 and G3020 models


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