Canon PIXMA TS307 Review- Detailed

The Canon PIXMA TS307 printer is a single-function printer. It is an excellent inkjet color printer that will provide you with convenient wireless connectivity features.

This review will deal with various features of this particular printer. So go through this article if you want to buy this printer. 

Canon PIXMA TS307 Printer Specifications

FunctionalitySingle Function (Print)
Cost Per PrintRs.7 (Black)
Rs.9 (Color)
ConnectivityWi-Fi, USB
Supported OSWindows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
Mac OS X v10.10.5, v10.11, Mac OS v10.12
Printing Speed7.7 ipm (Black)
4.0 ipm (Colour)
Power UsageLow
Ideal UsageHome, less than 50 pages per month
WarrantyCoverage of up to 1 years
ADFNot available
Print Resolution4800 x 1200 dpi
Borderless PrintingUp to 4″x6″
Duplex PrintNo
Other SpecsSee Full Specs

Canon PIXMA TS307 Review in Detail

Design and Size

An office – room always wants stylistic electronic gadgets. Even in our home, if we install any electronic machine, it should not be boring by look.

The Canon PIXMA TS307 is such a printer that comes with a stunning black body with a professional design. 

What makes The Canon PIXMA TS307 printer perfect for your home as well as your office is its compact size.

This printer weighs only 2 kg 500 g and its dimensions are 42.6 × 25.5 × 13.1 cm. So you can now understand how easy it will be for you to move this printer whenever you need. 

Printing Technology 

The Canon PIXMA TS307 printer uses inkjet technology for printing. It is a type of computer printing that prints by propelling droplets of ink onto the paper.

In this way, inkjet technology helps you get fine and smooth prints with higher details. 

The Canon PIXMA TS307 will give you each and every advantage of inkjet technology. On one hand, you can print with high resolution. On the other hand, you can print at a low cost. 

 Speed of Printing

The Canon PIXMA TS307 can print up to 7.7 pages per minute for black and up to 4 pages per minute for color.

Besides, as this printer uses inkjet technology, it takes very little time to wake up. That means the Canon PIXMA TS307 printer can start printing as soon as you turn it on.

So buying the Canon PIXMA TS307 printer means enhancing the productivity of your business. 

Quality of Printing 

As the Canon PIXMA TS307 printer runs by inkjet technology, it is undoubtedly able to deliver finer and smoother detailing with each output.

This is because of the highly pigmented ink cartridges used by this printer that are able to provide excellent quality prints for both text and images.

The Canon PIXMA TS307 printer is, therefore, highly recommended for photo printing with high resolution, up to 4800 × 1200 dpi. 

Connectivity Features 

The Canon PIXMA TS307 printer has both wired and wireless connectivity features. This particular printer has a USB port as a convenient wired connectivity option.

WiFi and WiFi Direct connectivity features are there in the Canon PIXMA TS307 printer as wireless connectivity options. 

Not only these, but The Canon PIXMA TS307 printer is also featured with the Apple AirPrint, Mopria, Google Cloud Print, PIXMA Cloud Link, Canon PRINT Inkjet/ SELPHY, and PictBridge options for more convenient printing. 

Advantages of The Canon PIXMA TS307

  1. The initial cost of the Canon PIXMA TS307 printer is really very cheap. When one plans to buy a printer or any other electronics, price is a major concern. So, this printer is absolutely perfect option for the users. 
  2. As the Canon PIXMA TS307 printer is equipped with highly pigmented ink cartridges, there is no need to mention that you will get high quality outputs every time. 
  3. The Canon PIXMA TS307 printer does not take large amount of space as it is compact in size. This printer requires so small portions of space that if your room or workplace does not have much space, still you can place this printer. 
  4. Since the Canon PIXMA TS307 printer is lightweight, it is very portable. This makes this particular printer compatible with home and office environment. You can move around this printer wherever you want. 
  5. The Canon PIXMA TS307 printer does not create much noise while printing. This printer can do its work with extreme quietness which is apt for your workplace. 

Drawbacks of The Canon PIXMA TS307

  1. The Canon PIXMA TS307 printer often runs with very low speed. If you want to print some large documents or coloured ones, you might find this problem. 
  2. The Canon PIXMA TS307 printer is not suitable for high volume printing. 
  3. Ink clogging could be a problem with the Canon PIXMA TS307 printer. In that case, you must replace the cartridges frequently. 
  4. Ink cartridges of the Canon PIXMA TS307 printer come with high price. Even, the price of its ink cartridges may often exceed the cost of the printer. 

ConclusionShould You Go for Canon PIXMA TS307?

So what is your takeaway from this article on the Canon PIXMA TS307 printer? Are you satisfied with all the information we have provided over here?

Do you think the Canon PIXMA TS307 printer is worth buying to boost up your business? Or, do you think the drawbacks of this printer make it ineligible for convenient printing? Whatever your opinion is, let us know through your comment!

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