Epson L4160 vs L6160 Comparison

If you want to know the way to save more than 80% cost of printing, you must use Epson ink tank printers. To say more specifically, the Epson L4160 and the Epson L6160 printers will give you the advantage of saving printing costs.

These two printers are produced by Epson to deliver prints in a convenient way. Both of these printers are perfect solutions for busy domestic use as well as commercial use. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the excellent features of both the Epson L4160 and the Epson L6160 printers in a comparative way so that you can easily differentiate the features and choose which one you should buy. So let us look at this article minutely. 

Epson L4160 vs L6160 Detailed Comprison

Epson l4160 vs l6160


The Epson L4160 printer looks very smart as it has an amazingly compact design from top to bottom. The ink tank of this printer is very cleverly integrated and this makes the printer compact and small.

This particular printer includes a paper tray that can hold up to 100 sheets of up to 180 GSM. Also, it has an LCD screen of 1.4 inches. 

The design of the Epson L6160 printer is almost similar to that of the Epson L4160 printer. But the Epson L6160 printer has a more amazing design than that of the other one.

This is why this particular printer has become the winner of the Red Dot design award. It also has a paper tray but it can hold more papers (i.e. up to 150 papers) than the other one. 

Page Yield

The Epson L4160 printer is able to deliver almost 8000 colour pages along with 6000 black and white pages if it has full ink capacity.

On the other hand, the Epson L6160 printer can print up to 14000 pages for black and up to 11200 pages for colour with full tank ink. 

Ink Tank 

The ink tank of the Epson L4160 printer is so cleverly designed that it can reduce the size of this printer. Refilling this ink tank is also very comfortable and spill-free as each of the ink bottles has its own unique nozzle. The capacity of this ink tank is so high that you do not have to go for frequent refilling. 

The ink tank of the Epson L6160 printer is also a convenient ink tank to be refilled. This is also an integrated ink tank that makes the footprint of this printer small. This ink tank includes user-friendly ink bottles that can reduce the risk of e-waste. 

Print Quality 

The Epson L4160 printer will satisfy you with a maximum of 5760 × 1440 dpi resolution. This particular printer is able to do duplex printing without any human intervention. It can print up to 800 prints per month. 

The Epson L6160 printer will also provide you with good print quality though its resolution is a little less than that of the Epson L4160 printer. Its photo print quality is also average. 

Print Speed

The Epson L4160 printer can print up to 10 images for black per minute. Besides, this particular printer can print up to 5 images for colour per minute. 

On the other hand, the Epson L6160 printer can print 30 pages per minute for black and 18 pages per minute for colour in draft mode.

Besides, this particular printer can print up to 12 pages per minute for black and 6 pages per minute for colour in standard print mode. If you print in duplex mode, this printer will print up to 5 monochrome and 3 colour pages per minute. 


There are a lot of useful connectivity features you will get in the Epson L4160 printer. These include – USB 2.0 port, WiFi connectivity, WiFi Direct, Epson Connect iPrint, Epson Connect Email Print, Google Cloud Print,  Epson Connect Remote Print, And Mopria. The Epson L6160 printer has all these connectivity features available on the Epson L4160 printer. 

Bottom Lines: Epson L4160 vs L6160

So this is our comparison review article on the Epson L4160 and the Epson L6160 printers. If you find it helpful, do not forget to comment on us.

And also, if you want to know what our suggestion is, it is the Epson L4160 printer as it is nicely priced and also quite popular in the Indian Market.

Because most of the users has found this printer more efficient than the Epson L6160 printer. The reasons are – the Epson L4160 printer rarely has any paper jam issue, it will deliver vibrant colours on glossy paper, efficient duplex printing, And many more. 

However, if your budget is high and wants more features, you can easily go for Epson L6160. It is also an awesome printer.

So, which one are you choosing? Let us know by commenting down below.

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