Hp Smart Tank 580 Vs 520 Detailed Comparison

Hp Smart tank printers are thermal inkjet printers for commercial or personal use. These printer ink tanks are filled with house color bottles rather than replaceable ink cartridges. Smart tank printers offer high-quality printing offers with low running costs.

Additionally, the Hp ink bottles are comparatively cheaper than the other laser toner cartridges and also have good page yields. In this article, we are going to take a close look at the two printers i.e. Hp smart Tank 580 and Hp Smart Tank 520.

Hp Smart Tank 580 Vs 520 Detailed Comparison

Design and  Build Quality

Hp printers are no doubt stylish and compact printers. They are basically printers that never compromise with the build quality and material. The Hp Smart Tank 580 comes with a sleek and smooth body along with 1.2 inch LCD display. It has separate buttons for Wi-Fi, Scan, and others and they are too rigid to be handled by children also.

The Hp Smart Tank 580 and 520, both of the printers come with one extra black ink tank which makes them more special. On the other hand, the Hp Smart Tank 520 also has a compact body that is made up of 45% of recycled material that is not harmful to nature. The printer is lightweight and stylish with 1 inch of LCD display and buttons are also there for different purposes.

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Printing Quality and Speed

If we talk about printing quality, the Hp printers are genuinely great in their performance and speed. Their smart tank technology makes them more compatible and user-friendly. The Hp Smart Tank 580 is basically an inkjet printer with four smart tanks that reduce printing costs rapidly also double-sided printing cuts off the excess time.

Both the Hp Smart Tank 580 and 520  have stunning borderless printing prints with the highest resolution of 1200×1200 DPI and with a speed of 12ppm ( black) and 5ppm ( color). They both have monthly duty cycles of 3000 pages which is no doubt a good page count. Here, the Hp Smart Tank 520 has manual double-sided printing with superb speed and color contrast. Additionally, both the printers have low ink tank indicators which is an exceptional quality.

Scanning and Copying

Both printers have great scanning and copying capability. The Hp Smart Tank 580 and 520 are equipped with CIS technology scanning and 100 sheet input capacity. They also have the highest resolution capacity of 1200×1200 DPI printing.

This high-resolution technology makes the picture more magnificent and good-looking. The printers have a copying speed of 10cpm (black) and 2cpm(color) and they can copy up to 99 copies.

Hp Smart Tank 580 Vs 520
Hp Smart Tank 580 Vs 520

Printing Costs and Page Yields

Hp printers are known to be very much cost-effective in terms of their page yields and printing costs. The Hp Smart Tank 580 and the Hp Smart Tank 520 come with one extra black ink tank which makes them a more long-running printer than others.

Both printers have almost the same page yields of 12000 black pages and 6000 colored pages. Additionally, the Hp Smart Tank 580 printer is very pocket friendly as it costs only 10 paise ( black prints) and 20 paise ( color print).

Connectivity Features

Both Hp printers are equipped with decent connectivity options. Improper connectivity hampers the printing procedure a lot. Here we can see that the Hp Smart Tank 580 offers well connectivity options, including self-healing Wi-Fi, Google cloud print, Hp print, USB, Bluetooth, Apple air print, etc.

So these Wi-Fienabled printers are very obedient ones it listens to you as any other else does. The only difference is the Hp Smart Tank 580 has the self-healing Wi-Fi that the Hp Smart Tank 520 lacks.


In summary, Smart Tank printers are designed with the future in mind, providing cost-effective printing, support for smart apps, and excellent connectivity for small businesses or home use. Both the Hp Smart Tank 580 and 520 offer similar features, including high-quality printing, scanning, and copying.

However, the Hp Smart Tank 580 stands out with its Self-healing Wi-Fi, a feature not found on the Hp Smart Tank 520. Therefore, both printers are valuable choices and will undoubtedly enhance your printing experience.

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