Canon Launches GP series Printers- Have a Look


Canon has given its latest large-format GP series printers a PrintPack launch.

It comes in the the ImageproGraf GP 5200 (24-inches), the GP-5300 (36-inches), the GP-520 (24-inches) and GP-540 (44-inches).

The GP 520 and 540 use 10 inkjet inks and fluorescent pink ink, while the GP 5200 and 5300 use five inkjet inks plus fluorescent pink ink.

According to Puneet Datta, senior director-PPP, Canon India, the GP series printers are designed to meet market demand for vivid colour point–of–purchase displays, ad agencies, as well as packaging prototypes.

GP series has been awarded the world’s first Pantone-calibrated licence for Pantone pastels and neons guide coated, which includes fluorescent and pastel colours.

“These printers can achieve 99% coverage of Pantone formula guide, and by adhering to the industry standards, it can produce colours as they are intended in the design, making them a vital end-stage in the printing process,” explained Datta.

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