Desktop 3D printer manufacturer Creality has announced the launch of its new CR-10 Smart Pro 3D printing system.

The FFF machine is based on the previous CR-10 Smart type from the firm.

The machine offers a 300 x 300 x 400mm build volume for small to medium part printing.

The CR-10 Smart Pro is designed at both consumer and prosumer users for applications and costs $799.

Functional prototyping, creative models and figurines, home items, and architectural ideas all can be done by it.

Creality's latest machine intends to provide a feature-rich 3D printing process for a wide range of consumers by combining ease of use and performance.

 A flexible, magnetic spring steel PEI layer covers the build surface, allowing for better model adherence and easier part removal.

Located in the Z-axis gantry is a low energy-consumption LED for comfortable night-time operation.

There is a 4.3” HD full-view touchscreen with a revamped UI. The company has stated that the machine will support OTA updates so system upgrades are also on the horizon.