Best Wireless Printer for Home Use in India 2024

Looking for Best Wireless Printer for Home Use in India 2023? Nowadays, with the increasing need for printouts for project work, note-making came the need of having a printer at home.

Having a printer at home is preferred over going to cyber cafes and spending 5 to 10 rupees for each printout along with a lot of time. So to save your precious time and money get a printer delivered to your home. Generally, a printer of around INR 10000 price is able to serve a home perfectly.

A printer with wireless/ Wi-Fi connectivity is preferred a lot for the provision of convenient uses. This article includes a detailed description and purchase links of some of the best wireless printers for home use in India.

Each of the printers has a one-year warranty policy provided by the manufacturer and 7 days replacement policy provided by Amazon. Check out the list and get the most suitable one delivered to your home.

Best Wireless Printer for Home Use in India

Best Wireless Printer for Home Use (In Detail)

Let’s have a look at these printers in detail so that it becomes easy for you to find the best one.

HP Ink Tank 410 ( Colour Printer, Scanner, and Copier, ink tank technology)

HP Ink Tank 410 is one of the best wireless printers for home use in India. This 4.6-kilogram ink tank printer with an inbuilt scanner comes with a one-year warranty policy.

This high-resolution printer is compatible with A4, B5, A6, DL, and envelope sizes of sheets. This all-in-one printer can be used to scan, copy, and print documents.

By providing easy monitoring, and installation guidance via HP Smart App the brand HP has made it the best ink tank printer for home use in India.

This is a  highly cost-efficient printer that saves users money remarkably. It can provide 5 color printouts / 10 monochrome printouts while spending only one rupee. The HP high-yield ink bottles produce 4000 monochrome and 8000 color printouts.

This fast-performing printer processes 19 black and white / 15 color printouts each minute. This can be connected to various devices by App, Wi-Fi, and USB. Being voice-enabled is the most striking feature of this printer. 

Canon Pixma G3012 (All-in-One, Ink Tank Colour Printer )

Canon Pixma G3012 is one of the best all-in-one printers by Canon ideal for the home. This has an in-built flatbed scanner and both Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity.

The connectivity of this inkjet printer can also be monitored by App.  This is a 6.5-kilogram compact printer with a 1.2-inch LCD display and visible ink containers for convenience.

Each minute it can print 9 black and white or 5 color printouts. As per ISO standards, it prints a colored A4 sheet for 32 paise and a black and white printout for 9 paise with 4800 x 1200 DPI resolution. A4, B5, and A5 sizes are supported by this best home-use printer.

The compatible ink bottles provided with the printer can serve 6000 black and white and 7000 color printouts. One can get this best wireless printer for home use by Canon with a one-year warranty policy at around 14k.

HP Deskjet Plus Ink Efficient 6075 (Colour Printer, Scanner, and Copier )

HP Deskjet Plus is an Ink Efficient inkjet printer with copying and scanning features along with printing provision. This 5.2 kilogram Wi-Fi printer supports auto – duplex for each of A4, B5, A6, DL sheets sizes. This is the best printer for photograph printing under 10k in India.

Another admirable feature of this printer is Wi-Fi safety with self-healing technology i.e. the printer automatically reconnects in the best possible way via  Wi-Fi. This printer works at 10 ppm speed.

The smart discrete display, step-by-step guidance by HP Smart App is provided for easy installation and uses. This time and energy-efficient printer come with one year warranty.

Canon Pixma G3000 (All-in-One, ink tank, Colour printer)

The Pixma G3000 by Canon is the first choice for home use in India. This all-in-one color printer comes with an in-built flatbed scanner.

This printer can be connected to PC, laptops, tablets, and smartphones by Wi-Fi, USB, and Canon Selphy App. By creating a cloud link a user can directly access documents from social networking and storage sites.

This printer is compatible with A4, Letter, Legal, A5, and B5 sheets and provides printouts with 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution. To process 9 black and white printouts it takes only one minute and 5 color printouts are processed within one minute.

This ink tank printer provides printouts at nominal rates. As per ISO (International Organization for Standardization), this printer costs only 32 paise for a color printout and 9 paise for each monochrome printout.

This is a highly ink-efficient printer that provides 6000 black and white and 7000 color printouts from 4 bottles of ink.

Both-side printing is not automatically supported on this printer. This 5.8 kilograms compactly designed printer has visible ink tanks for easy monitoring. A one-year warranty will be provided with this best wireless printer for home use.

PANTUM P3302DW ( Monochrome Laser Printer)

PANTUM P3302DW is a monochrome laser printer that provides 33 A4 size monochrome printouts per minute. This printer by Pantum facilitates the user by providing wireless connectivity, networking, and auto-duplex Printing. This printer ideal for home uses supports letter-sized sheet printing also.

P3302DW by Pantum is one of the best wireless printers for home use in India as it works faster than most conventional printers.

The 256 MB RAM and 350MHz processor make it this much fast. This has a very high monthly duty cycle of up to 60,000 pages hence is very much preferred for note printing.

The laser printer is provided with eco friendly toner , a one years warranty policy by the manufacturer.

Brother DCP-T420W (  All-in-One Ink Tank Refill System Colour Printer)

Brother is one of the fastest-thriving brands of printers.  Brother DCP-T420W is an all-in-one ink tank printer that can scan and copy also. The wireless connectivity allows effortless connection to different devices for printing.

The printer is featured a visible ink tank with a refilling facility for minimizing leakage and mess. The 4 compatible ink bottles provided with the printer at the time of purchase last up to 7500 black and white and 5000 color printouts.

This 6.4-kilogram printer prints at 28 ppm speed for black and white and 11 ppm speed for colored printouts. A variety of sheet sizes like A4, A6, envelopes, letters, legal, Mexico legal, India legal, folio, and executive are supported by this printer.

DCP-T420W by Brother is one of the best wireless color printers for home use in India provided with a one-year warranty.

Pantum P2500W( Monochrome Laser Printer)

Pantum P2500W is a monochrome laser printer providing wireless connectivity. This 5.7 kilogram Wi-Fi printer has 124 MB storage capacity and 150 maximum input sheet capacity.  The printer comes in a metal structure with one-year durability and work-life assurance.

This printer performs at 20 (A4) ppm rate and provides 1200×1200 dpi resolution. Monthly 15000 printouts can be expected from this printer.

This easy-to-use printer installation is done in one step which is the remarkable reason for it being the best wireless printer for home use.

Brother HL-L2351DW (Monochrome Laser Printer)

Brother HL-L2351DW is one of the best monochrome laser printers for home use in India. This 7.2-kilogram printer has the provision of wireless connectivity, auto-duplex, high-duty cycle of 15000 pages per month.

HL-L2351DW by Brother is a highly time-efficient printer that provides 30 black and white printouts each minute. This fast-working wireless monochrome printer for home use in India is compatible with maximum A4 size sheets.

The purchaser gets the printer, installation CD, power cable, USB Cable, and a one-year warranty card by paying around 10k only.

Some FAQs about Best Wireless Printer for Home Use

Q. Which one is best for home use: a color printer or a monochrome printer?

A . A color printer can process color as well as monochrome printouts. Color printers need to be maintained more carefully although in-home printers are not made to perform heavy loads of work so a color printer would be a preferable choice for home use.

Q. What is ADF regarding printers?

A . ADF is the abbreviation of Automatic Document Feeder. A printer with the ADF feature automatically takes the sheets in.

Q. What is auto-duplex regarding printers?

A . A printer with the auto- duplex feature can automatically process both sides of printing.

Q. What does a manual duplex suggest in a printer?

A . It means to get both side printing the user needs to manually alter the side of each page every time.

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