Canon g2010 vs g3010- Honest Comparison

Canon g2010 vs g3010: When you start to plan to buy a printer, you must fall into a lot of confusion. In fact, planning to buy an ink tank printer will make you more confused. But we are here to remove all your confusion.

 In this article, you will get a comparative discussion on two outstanding ink tank printers. These printers are the Canon G2010 and the Canon G3010. Both of these printers possess similar features, though there are slight differences. Let us move to the main discussion. 

The Canon G3010 has a smaller footprint and can print up to 7000 color pages and 6000 black pages, while the G2010 has a lower page yield at the highest resolution. The G3010 also offers unique photo printing capabilities and has a built-in access point for wireless connectivity.

Canon g3010 vs g2010 Specification Comparison

FEATURES Canon G3010 Canon G2010
FunctionalityMultifunction PrinterMultifunction Printer
Printer TypeInk TankInk Tank
ConnectivityApp, Wi-Fi, USBUSB
Print Speed8.8 ipm (Black)
5 ipm (Colour)
8.8 ipm (Black)
5 ipm (Colour)
Page Yield6000 pgs (BK)
7000 pgs (color)
6000 pgs (BK)
7000 pgs (color) 
Ink Cost2200 Rs2200 Rs
Cost Per Print9 paise (Black & White)
32 paise (Colour) 
9 paise (Black & White)
32 paise (Colour)
Ideal UserHome, small and medium
Home, small and medium
OS SupportWindows 7 or higher
Windows 7 or higher
ADFNot AvailableNot Available
Duplex PrintingManualManual
Warranty1 Year1 Year
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Canon g2010 vs g3010 Complete Comparison

Canon g2010 vs g3010


The Canon G2010 printer is a very useful all-in-one ink tank printer that has a compact body. Similarly, the Canon G3010 comes with a very small footprint that makes the printer space – saver. 

Moreover, both the Canon G2010 and the Canon G3010 printers contain an LCD display of 1.2 inches in each. It has an operation panel too that will help you operate these printers easily. 

Page Yield 

The Canon G2010 printer will satisfy you with a very high page yield. The page yield is up to 7000 pages with a single set of ink bottles. Such a high page yield makes this particular printer suitable for commercial purposes. Because the more you print, the more your productivity will increase. 

The page yield of the Canon G3010 printer is as high as that of the Canon G2010 printer. From this particular printer, you can get the advantage of printing up to 7000 pages for color as well as 6000 pages for black. 

Ink Tanks 

The Canon G2010 printer has a built-in integrated ink tank. This integrated ink tank makes the printer compact in structure. Moreover, this ink tank is very user-friendly as the user can easily check the ink levels. 

In the Canon G3010 printer, you will find an integrated ink tank that is as efficient as the ink tank of the Canon G2010 printer. This ink tank can also be checked by the users just with a glance. 

Ink Bottles

The ink bottles of the Canon G2010 printer include a special tip design. This is a very unique design of this ink tank printer. Because of it, you can easily refill the ink bottles without facing any hassle. 

The ink bottles of the Canon G3010 are also easily refillable as these ink bottles, too, have unique nozzles and a special tip design. The ink bottles of the Canon G3010 are easy to clean.

This printer has such a unique set of ink bottles that can stop ink from filling automatically when the bottles are filled. 

Quality Of Printing 

The Canon G2010 printer will provide you with more than 100 types of templates. With these templates, you can easily make colorful posters as well as flyers. You can create so many other business materials with sharp and crisp texts too. 

With the Canon G3010 printer, you will explore a new way to print photos. Apart from delivering you excellent quality texts, this particular ink tank printer will allow you to print photos with customized messages from web links. 

Other Features

Both the Canon G2010 and the Canon G3010 printers are efficient multifunctional printers, which means both of them to have scanning and copying features also. 

These printers have unique operation panels in each that will help you scan or copy a number of documents easily. The scanned or copied outputs you will get from the Canon G2010 and the Canon G3010 printers come with high resolution. 

Connectivity Features 

The Canon G2010 printer comes with both a USB port and wireless connectivity features. So you can easily print using any of these connectivity options. 

The Canon PIXMA G3010 printer comes with a built-in access point capability. This feature is so unique that it will allow you to enable an uninterrupted wireless connection between your mobile or smartphone. 

Bottom Lines: Canon g2010 vs g3010

We think you have already got the points you have to consider before you decide to buy any one of these two printers. As you can see in this article that there are many similarities between the Canon G2010 and the Canon G3010 printers, there are a few dissimilarities also. 

The Canon G3010 printer can deliver high-quality prints at any level of resolution, while at the highest resolution, you will get a low page yield from the Canon G2010.

So you must consider this fact while buying any one of these. Besides, you must compare the price of these two printers also. 

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