Surprising Difference between HP Envy 7855 and 7858

HP Envy 7855 vs 7858- The series of HP Envy printers are good home printers which can easily print, scan and copy  photos and documents with decent quality. The printers are not only brilliant in performance but also cost-effective. Most of the printers come with HP+ ink, which creates hassle-free printing. In this article we will be discussing about the Difference between HP Envy 7855 and 7858 that are extremely user friendly and cost effective. We will see the similarities and drawbacks accordingly. So let’s start.

The difference between the HP Envy 7855 and 7858 

The major difference between the HP Envy 7855 and 7858 is that of the two all-in-one printers, the HP Envy 7858 has much better display and print quality than the HP Envy 7855. Also, the HP Envy 7858 has better printing, scanning, and copying speeds with great page yields. On the other hand, the HP Envy 7855 has good sheet capacity and connectivity options and voice command. 

HP Envy 7855 vs 7858 Detailed Comparison

Difference between HP Envy 7855 and 7858

Design and build quality

The two printers have great design and great build quality. The body of HP Envy 7855 feels good, but the output tray poops out every single time you start printing. It has a 2.6-inch touchscreen display, but the touch experience is bad and the numerous tabs at the top are much smaller, which creates difficulty pressing properly.

whereas the HP Envy 7858 has a 2.7-inch LED touch display that allows you to perform all tasks with easily. The thermal inkjet all-in-one printer is super in its performance and, all the above, it has all the facilities like copying , scanning, and faxing. The connectivity is also much better than any other thermal printer.

Printing quality and speed

The HP Envy printers have decent printing quality indeed. The HP Envy 7855 has good printing quality along with a dark red tinge, rich contrast, and a small amount of banding. Sadly, the colour accuracy is not very accurate.

Most of the colours look different from the original ones, so for perfectionists, the printer can’t be the best choice. It has two trays; 125 sheets of input trays and 25 sheets of output trays. It also has a decent printing speed of 13ppm ( black) and 7ppm ( color).

On the other hand, the Hp Envy 7858 has duplex border less printing and can print with highest resolution which makes the printing experience more smooth. It offers a monthly duty cycle of 1000 pages and can print quality photos with outstanding color accuracy.

The printer delivers prints with a speed of 15ppm ( black) and 10 ppm ( color) and has the highest resolution of 4800×1200 DPI. It can also copy with a speed of 21ppm ( black and color) and can copy upto 50 pages.

Scanning and copying

In terms of scanning and copying, both the printers perform well. The HP Envy 7855 has a flatbed scanner, which enables you to scan high-resolution photos and also has a 35-sheet auto document feeder to scan multi-page documents.

But sadly, there is no duplex scan mode, so one has to scan both sides of documents manually , although you can save the documents as PDF files. It has a scanning speed of 10ppm ( black and color).

The HP Envy 7858 has good scanning capabilities thanks to CIS technology, and the flatbed scanner aids in document scanning. It also has an ADF to run smooth tasks. The all-in-one printer also has a decent copying speed of 13ppm ( black) and 5ppm ( color) with a resolution of 300300 DPI.

Page yields and printing costs

Both the HP Envy printers have the ok-type cartridge system. The HP Envy 7855 has only one colour cartridge, which needs to be replaced more often whenever one colour runs out. Also, the cartridges don’t last much longer, but one can use third-party cartridges which may give high page yields.

It has a page yield of 169 pages ( black) and 145 pages ( color). It also has a low cost per page, which can be a pro of the printer, but in the case of frequent printing, the printer can prove costly as you have to change the cartridge more often. It delivers prints at a cost of 0.112 US per page (black) and 0.172 US per page (color).

On the other hand, the HP Envy 7858 has a good cartridge system of 2 cartridges, consisting of one black and one tri-color ( yellow, magneta, and cyan). It has high page yields of 230 pages ( black) and 145 pages (color), which is much better than the HP Envy 7855. The printer also allows printing at a low cost with decent quality.

Connectivity features

Both the printers have good connectivity options . The HP Envy 7855 has Ethernet, USB , Bluetooth , Wi-Fi , Wi-Fi Direct, etc. It is also compatible with the HP Smart app, through which all the tasks can be controlled via phone, like scanning, copying, and printing.

On the other hand, the HP Envy 7858 has Ethernet, USB , Wi-Fi , Wi-Fi direct, but no Bluetooth. It is also compatible with the HP Smart app and Apple AirPrint, through which one can seamlessly do all the tasks.


To summarise, it can be said that the HP Envy 7858 is far better than the HP Envy 7855 as it has better printing quality and speed , as well as good scanning and copying speed, along with great design.

Although the HP Envy 7855 has good connectivity including Bluetooth, Ethernet, etc., it has better sheet capacity and voice support. Hope we have been able to clear your doubts with this detailed HP Envy 7855 vs 7858 comparison

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