Advantages and Disadvantages of Ink Tank Printer

Ink tank printers are those printers that use ink tanks including different colors of ink bottles for printing, instead of using ink cartridges. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of ink tank printer. 

Are you looking for a new printer for your office or home? Are you being irritated with your old printer and seeking relief from changing its expensive ink cartridges again and again? Then you must buy an ink tank printer as soon as possible. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ink Tank Printer

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ink Tank Printer

Advantages of Ink Tank Printers

Let us first discuss the advantages we get from an ink tank printer: 

  • An ink tank printer can easily print up to 1000 pages if you fill the ink tank only once while printers using ink cartridges can do only up to 250 pages. Some good quality ink tank printers can also print up to 7000 pages in colour with a single set of ink bottles and the cost of these ink bottles are really very low. So, with an ink tank printer, you can really save money. 
  • Ink tank printers have such convenient type of ink tank including 4 user – friendly ink bottles that minimise the risk of creating any mess due to spillage during refilling the ink tank. The ink bottles of an ink tank printer come with unique nozzles and resealable caps that help the users understand the process of refilling. 
  • An ink tank printer always comes with a large ink reservoir or tank that can hold a large quantity of ink. So the user has not to refill the ink tank so frequently. This will be very helpful for those who are thinking of buying an ink tank printer for increasing productivity in their businesses because a large ink tank means getting uninterrupted printing facility. 
  • Almost all the ink tank printers you will find in the market are compact in size. It is because of their integrated ink tanks that allow the printers to be small. So it is very easy to carry or replace an ink tank printer. 
  • Ink tank printers take very minimum time to deliver the first printed page. If you compare an ink tank printer with an inkjet printer, you will easily notice that an ink tank printer is faster in printing photos and documents than an inkjet printer. 
  • Almost every ink tank printer comes with both wired and wireless connectivity features. On one hand, these printers have USB port, LAN connectivity, web printing, app support etc. On the other hand, you will also get convenient wireless connectivity features like WiFi and WiFi Direct. So the user can print from smartphone and laptop also. 
  • The process of installation of an ink tank printer is very easy. Not only that, ink tank printers are also easy to use as refilling an ink tank printer is a hassle – free job as we have already mentioned. Moreover, some of the ink tank printers also have user – friendly LCD displays that help the user navigate the settingsof the printer. 
  • While in an inkjet printer, the ink quickly dries up if you do not use it frequently, the ink of an ink tank printer does not dry up or evaporate if you do not print regularly. In this way also, an ink tank printer is a cost – saving printer. 
  • Ink tank printers produce a very low amount of waste and do not consume high energy as they are equipped with the Heat Free Technology. In both ways, ink tank printers create positive impact on our environment. 

Disadvantages of Ink Tank Printers 

Though there is a very few disadvantages of ink tank printers, they must be mentioned as well: 

  • If you have an ink tank printer, you must have to buy each colour of ink when you need to refill it. This task has to be done with efficiency because if you miss buying any of the colours, your printer cannot provide it during printing. 
  • The user must give attention to the ink level so that the printer never runs out of ink. 
  • It is true that refilling an ink tank is hassle – free, but if you do not know how to fill it, this task may seem difficult to you. Because the filling holes of the ink tank are so tiny that one must be an expert to fill it. 

Conclusion- Is Ink Tank Printer Good?

It has been shown in this article that an ink tank printer comes with both advantages and disadvantages. So when you decide to buy an ink tank printer, you must know all these pros and cons mentioned in our article. 

However, according to us, Ink-Tan printer has lots of advantages as compared to Ink-Jet Printers. Hence, you surely go for it with worrying about it much. An ink-tank printer will be quite ideal for a home and office use.

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