Epson L130 Review- Detailed & Unbiased

Those who prefer hard documents know how helpful it is to have a printer. Epson L130 is one of the best ink tank color printers that come under 10,000 rupees. Although it has some disadvantages too.

Here in the article about the review of Epson L130, we have discussed all the pros and cons of Epson L130 in detail. We hope it will clear your doubts.

Epson L130 Printer Review

What is an ink tank printer?

In ink tank printers, small droplets of colors are sprayed onto the paper from nozzles. That is how the printout is made.

Once you fill the tanks, Ink tank printers can print 6000 to 7000 pages or even more pages with slightly enhanced quality than conventional inkjet printers.

Epson L130 Printer Review

Key Features

Epson L130 printer

  • Lightweight compact design.
  • Affordable and Cheap Cost.
  • Supports A4, B5, C6, A5, A6, DL sizes.
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows.

Lightweight compact design

Epson L130 printer can be relocated frequently and easily as it weighs 2 kg 690 grams only.  The dimensions of the printer is 22.19 cm x 12.99 cm x 48.19 cm i.e. it takes very little space.

Fast performance

Epson L130 is an extremely fast working printer that gives 27 A4 black and white printouts per minute. Epson L130 can print 15 colour printouts per minute.

Nominal cost per print

Epson L130 is a highly cost efficient printer that as per ISO standards, provides each black and white printout at only 7 paisa and each colour printout at only 18 paisa.

High yield

Epson L130 does not need frequent refilling as the 4 bottles of 70 ml ink produces 4000 black and white and 6500 colour printouts.

Micro Piezo technology and high resolution of 5760 DPI

The exclusive Micro Piezo technology in Epson L130 evenly releases droplets of inks of up to 3 pico-liters and distributes colors evenly and seamlessly on the sheets.

The 5760 DPI resolution of Epson L130 can efficiently print sharp graphics, clear small letters.  This is how Epson L130 gives enhanced quality printing.

Supported sizes and medium

Epson L130 supports A4, B5, C6, A5, A6, DL sizes so you can print drafts or final copies, movie tickets, itineraries, reports, and projects everything. Epson L130 supports printing on both matte, glossy paper.

Compatible with both Mac and Windows

Epson L130 is compatible with both Apple and Windows devices via USB 2.0.

Mess free, hassle free refilling

The purchaser of Epson L130 can fill the tanks easily by dropping colours from the ink bottles into the visible tanks. 4 bottles of 70ml genuine Epson ink (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) will be provided with Epson L130.

Free installation support

Epson will provide free installation of this printer. It reduces the hassle of you regarding the installation of this printer.

Disadvantages of Epson L130 Printer

Here are the disadvantages of this printer we have found during our review.

No auto-duplex feature

Epson L130 does not support auto-duplex which means to get both side printing the side of pages needs to be changed manually.

No wireless connectivity

Epson L130 does not come with Wi-Fi or wireless connectivity. So every time you need to connect it to other devices using a USB cable.

No scanner

No doubt people prefer multitasking machines to single-function machines. There are printers with in-built scanners to use for scanning, copying besides printings. Epson L130 does not have any scanner so you would have to buy a scanner if needed.

No LCD display

LCD displays make printers easy to use and monitor. Not having an LCD display can be regarded as a drawback of Epson L130.

Conclusion: Epson L130 Printer Review

The advantages of Epson L130 outweigh its disadvantages. Epson L130 is definitely a good option if you are looking for a fast working, cost-efficient color printer and we strongly recommend this printer.

No confusion anymore! Get Epson L130 delivered to you and enjoy the benefits!

Some FAQs about Epson L130 Review

Q. Is the Epson L130 a good printer or not?

A . Of course Epson L130 is a great color printer that works significantly fast and has a huge number of satisfied purchasers.

Q. Can Epson L130 provide black and white printouts?

A . Yes it can provide black and white printouts.

Q. Is Epson L130 affordable?

A . Epson L130 is really affordable.

Q. Can I use an Epson L130 for scanning?

A . NO. Epson L130 is a single-function printer hence it can only print.

Q. Do I have to fill all the color tanks if I need only black and white printouts from Epson L130?

A . You can get black and white printouts by filling in black ink only. 

Q. How many pages can be printed from the full tanks of Epson L130?

A . Epson L130 provides 4000 black and white and 6500 colored A4 size printouts out of  4 compatible ink bottles.

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