Epson L1800 vs Epson L1300 Comparison

Epson L1800 vs Epson L1300: The Internet has made shopping easy but sometimes it is quite confusing to choose the correct printer because you don’t get to see the printer through your own eyes.

But again the internet itself comes with a solution i.e. reviews from reliable pages. Today, we are sharing the detailed comparison between Epson L1800 and Epson L1300 after testing and using them for more than 60 days.

Epson L1800 vs Epson L1300 Detailed Comparison

FeaturesEpson L1800 PrinterEpson L1300 Printer
StructureBlack-colored designElegantly designed
Dimensions (cm)55 (L) x 44 (W) x 26.6 (H)70.5 (L) x 32.2 (H) x 21.5 (W)
Weight15 kg15 kg
Inbuilt ScannerNoNo
Printing Speed45 seconds (4R), 191 seconds (A3)30 ppm
Printing CostCost-effectiveUltra cost efficient
Resolution5760 dpi5760 dpi
Compatible Mediums and SizesSupports up to A3+ sizeSupports up to A3+ size
Borderless PrintingYesYes
Compatible MediumsPhoto paper, plain paperVarious sizes and mediums
RefillingVisible ink reservoirsVisible ink tanks
Auto Duplex PrintingManualManual
Ideal forHome and small office usageHome and office usage
Scanner IncludedNoNo
Wireless ConnectivityNoNo
Overall RecommendationL1300N/A

Features Of Epson L1800 Printer


The Epson L1800 Printer comes in a black-colored eye-catching design of 55 cm length, ‎44 cm breadth, and 26.6 cm height. It weighs about 15 kgs. This printer does not have an inbuilt flatbed scanner.

Printing Speed

The Epson L1800 Printer takes about 45 seconds and 191 seconds to process 4R borderless photographs and A3 color photographs. This printer can gain up to 15 PPM speed for monochrome printouts.

Printing Cost

The Epson L1800 Printer is a cost-effective one that saves user’s money significantly. The 6 compatible high yield color bottles will provide 1500 4R photographs easily.


Printouts with a high resolution of 5760 dpi give your creativity a professional touch. The excellent printing quality of this printer will amaze you.

Compatible Mediums And Sizes

This printer supports up to A3+ size which means this printer’s capability is not restricted to A4 size; this printer is compatible with bigger sizes than A4.

Again Epson L1800 printers can provide borderless printing and can print on both photo paper and plain paper medium.

Easy Refilling

This printer has visible ink reservoirs so that users can easily monitor the ink levels and refill using ink bottles accordingly.

Ideal For Home And Small Office Usages

This printer is capable of providing professional service for your house or small office usage.

Disadvantages Of Epson L1800 Printer

Single Function Printer That Comes Without Scanner:  

The Epson L1800 is a single-function printer so you can only print using it which is a significant drawback.

No Wi-Fi Connectivity:

You have to connect this printer with other devices using a USB cable.

No Auto Duplex Feature:

You will get both sides printing manually only.

Features Of Epson L1300 Printer


The Epson L1300 comes in about a 15 kg structure of ‎70.5 cm length, 32.2 cm height, 21.5 cm width. This elegantly designed printer takes very little space. This printer has integrated visible ink containers and does not have any scanners.

Excellent PPM Rate:

The Epson L1300 printer is capable of gaining 30 ppm speed that is one can use it in a busy office as well as in-home.

Ultra Cost Efficient:

The compatible ink bottles of Epson L1300 give up to 5700 color printouts and 7100 monochrome printouts which prove its cost-efficiency.

Printing Quality:

The Epson L1300 printer provides professional, sharp printing with 5760 dpi resolution. Users can print great photos using it.

Supported Medium And Sizes:

This printer supports up to A3+ sizes

 i.e. your creativity won’t get restricted to A4 size sheets. You can print letter size, A4 size, A3 size photographs, notes, bills anything you need.

Easy Refilling And Monitoring:

Monitoring ink levels of Epson L1300 is easy through the visible tanks and refilling is easy by the spill-free specially designed ink bottles. Again the  Epson L1300 printer does not require frequent refilling.

Useful In Both Home And Office:

Because of good printing speed and quality printing and cost efficiency this printer can be used in both home and office.

Disadvantages Of Epson L1300 Printer

No Wireless Connectivity:

This printer comes with only USB connectivity so you will always require a USB cable to connect this printer with other devices.

No Scanner:

This is a single-function printer that only prints. For scanning purposes, you would require to buy a scanner separately.

No Auto Duplex Feature:

For the Epson L1300 printer, both side printing is supported manually only.

Conclusion: Epson L1800 vs Epson L1300

It’s quite hard to choose as we are dealing with the two highest-selling models of the naming brands.

Pointwise Comparison Between The  Epson L1800 Printer and The Epson L1300 Printer :

  • Both work on ink tank technologies.
  • Both can provide A3 size , borderless printouts.
  • Both can provide excellent printouts.
  • The ppm rate of L1300 is higher than the ppm rate of L1800.
  • Both comes with USB Connectivity only.
  • Both do not have scanner.
  • Online Epson L1800 costs higher than  Epson L1300.

So, if we had to choose one out of the Epson L1800 printer and the Epson L1300 printer,  we would have chosen L1300.

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