Epson L3116 vs L3110 Comparison

If you want to buy such a printer that is cheap as well as comes with good ink cartridges, you must buy an Epson printer.

Because Epson is such a brand for printers that always produce printers that have simplistic ink refills and low cost of printing. 

The Epson L3116 and the Epson L3110 are such printers manufactured by this brand that can satisfy you with the highest quality of printing along with efficient ink cartridges.

Let us have a look at this article that is going to describe the features of these two brilliant Epson printers. 

Epson L3116 vs L3110 Specification Comparison

FunctionsEpson L3116Epson L3110
FunctionalityPrint, Scan and CopyPrint, Scan, Copy
Cost Per Print7 Paise For B/W
18 Paise For Color
7 paise (Black & White)
18 paise (Colour) 
ConnectivityWired OnlyUSB
Supported OSWindows XP or higher
Print Speed
(According to ISO Standards)
Black-33 Pages Per Minute
Color-15 Pages Per Minute
33 pages (Black & White)
15 pages (Colour)
Power UsageLow
Ideal UserStudents
Small businesses
Small businesses
WarrantyCoverage of up to 1 years
30,000 prints
Coverage of up to 1 years
30,000 prints
ADFNot availableNot available
Duplex PrintManual Manual
Scanner TypeFlatbed Flatbed

Epson L3116 vs L3110 Detailed Comparison

Epson L3116 vs L3110


The Epson L3116 printer comes with a full white body whereas the Epson L3110 printer has a black body. The build quality of these two printers is brilliant.

Both of these printers are made with the best quality plastic that makes these printers durable. 

Both the Epson L3116 and the Epson L3110 printers are 17.9 cm tall and 34.7 cm wide. They both have integrated ink tanks that make these printers compact. 

Printing Qualities 

You will definitely be satisfied with the all – in – one features of the Epson L3116 and the Epson L3110 printers. Both are multifunctional printers. Both printers support paper size A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, and DL for printing.

The Epson L3110 printer also supports Hagaki, Envelopes, and some other paper sizes for printing. 

Both the Epson L3116 and the Epson L3110 printers print with the same resolution. Their maximum resolution is 5760 × 1440 dpi.

Both of these printers have duplex printing feature. It is certainly a major drawback of these printers. 

Page Yield 

The main attraction of the Epson L3116 and the Epson L3110 printers is their high page yield. Both of these printers have large ink reservoirs that help these two printers print up to 7500 prints in colour and 4500 prints in monochrome with only one set of ink bottles. 

Print Speed 

The Epson L3116 printer can print maximum 33 pages per minute for black and 15 pages per minute for colour. The Epson L3110 printer is also able to deliver the same number of prints within a minute. 

Ink Tank 

The Epson L3116 and the Epson L3110 printers are loaded with convenient ink tanks that are large in size.

Refilling these ink tanks are not so costly if you compare the cost to replacing ink cartridges. The ink bottles are also so conveniently built that they can automatically stop if the tank is full. 

Convenient Print Heads

The life span of the print heads of both of these printers is between 3 to 5 years. These print heads are able to clean themselves automatically if there are dry ink particles.

Moreover, the print heads do not get damaged even if you leave the printers for 20 to 30 days without printing. 

Scanning And Copying Features

Because of being multifunctional printers, both the Epson L3116 and the Epson L3110 printers can do scanningand copying with efficiency.

The Epson L3116 can scan with the highest resolution of 600 × 1200 dpi. The maximum scanning area of this printer is 216 × 297 mm. The Epson L3110 printer also has a Flatbed scanner that can scan accurately. 

The copying features of the Epson L3116 and the Epson L3110 printers are also outstanding. For example, the Epson L3116 printer can do up to 20 copies at once. The maximum copy size of this printer is A4. 

Ink Cost

Both the Epson L3116 and the Epson L3110 printers have large ink reservoirs that can effectively reduce the cost of printing. Ink cost for each print by these two printers are the same.

Both of these printers require 7 paise for each black and white print and 18 paise for each colour print. 


In terms of connectivity options, both the Epson L3116 and the Epson L3110 printers only support USB connectivity. This is another drawback of these printers because in this price range, you will get convenient wireless printers. 

Bottom Lines– Epson L3116 vs L3110

With high speed of printing, low cost of ink, easily refillable ink bottles, durable print heads, and some other helpful features for printing, scanning, and copying, the Epson L3116 and the Epson L3110 printers are the most suitable printers that you can buy for fulfilling your domestic as well as official requirements. 

Though there are some noticeable drawbacks we have found in both of these printers, if you want to buy any one of these, we will suggest you to buy the Epson L3110 printer as it has a few unique features for printing, such as border-less printing and low power consumption. 

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