Epson L3250 vs L3256 Detailed Comparison

Due to so many reasons, printers are now considered household gadgets. The two main reasons behind it are some major advancements in technology and the dropping in price. So, it has become easier for people of almost every economic level to afford a printer for needful purposes. Some brands, such as – Epson, is leading the market for such affordable printers over the decades. 

Today we will compare two Epson printers, that are – the Epson L3250 and the Epson L3256 printers. These two printers are all-in-one printers. They both are ink tank printers that are further named as EcoTank printers by the brand. So, without wasting a minute, let us start reading this article which will help you pick the right printer for your requirements. 

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Epson L3250 vs L3256 Detailed Comparison

Epson L3250 vs L3256
Epson L3250 vs L3256 Detailed Comparison


Both the Epson L3250 and the Epson L3256 printers are ink tank printers. They both have integrated ink tanks that make them compact. While the Epson L3250 printer has dimensions of 46 × 26 × 28cm, the Epson L3256 printer has dimensions of 43.5 × 40.8 × 24.4 cm. 

The ink tanks are including easily refillable ink bottles with a key – a lock feature. This feature helps you insert the correct color of ink into the correct bottle. The ink tanks of both the Epson L3250 and the Epson L3256 printers are large enough to hold ultra-high-capacity ink. 

User Interface 

The user interface is a very important aspect of any electronic device. Though there is no display panel in both of these printers, the user interface of both the Epson L3250 and the Epson L3256 printers is convenient enough.

The Epson L3250 and the Epson L3256 printers are featured with the Epson Smart Panel app. This app is very helpful to make your printing tasks easy and comfortable. You can comfortably regulate your printer from any smart device through this app. In short, the Epson Smart Panel app makes these two non-panel printers smart. 

Printing Qualities 

Being a cartridge-free EcoTank printer, the Epson L3250 printer always offers high-quality prints. Every time you print with this printer, you will get results with one of the finest and non – pixelated graphics. A4 size papers are supported by this printer for printing. But one drawback of the Epson L3250 printer is that it does not have the feature of automatic duplex printing. 

The Epson L3256 printer is also able to offer high-quality prints. This printer can print photos without white borders. Otherwise, you can also print photos with 3 mm borders on four sides. If you print photos, this printer shows the best result on Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper. The maximum print resolution of this printer is 5760 × 1440 dpi. This printer also does not have an automatic duplex printing option. 

Page Yield 

With each set of ink bottles, The Epson L3250 printer can offer a page yield of up to 8100 pages in black or up to 6500 pages in color. On the other hand, the Epson L3256 can offer a page yield of up to 4500 pages in black and up to 7500 pages in color. 

Print Speed 

Both the Epson L3250 and the Epson L3256 printers are designed to reduce the time of printing. That is why they both are perfect for being used for business purposes. Both of these printers can print up to 33 pages per minute for black and white or up to 15 pages per minute for color. 

Connectivity Features 

Epson EcoTank printers always come with specialized connectivity options. And, the Epson L3250 and the Epson L3256 printers are no exceptions to it. Both of these printers have USB connectivity options as well as WiFi support. This will enable you to print directly from your smart devices. 

Moreover, if you download the Epson Smart Panel app to your smartphone, the printing functions will be more convenient, as we have already mentioned. So both the Epson L3250 and the Epson L3256 printers are the perfect solutions for commercial printing. 

Our Verdict- The Best One According to Us

So, we have seen that both the Epson L3250 and the Epson L3256 printers are multifunctional printers. They both have a compact design with integrated ink tanks and high page-yield ink bottles. Both have superb connectivity features and a seamless set-up.

They are sharing so many similarities that it is very difficult for everyone to choose any one of them. In that case, you could go for the Epson L3250 printer as it is a bestseller and has higher page yields.

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