HP 108w Printer Review- Honest & Detailed

HP 108w Printer Review: Confused? Whether to buy an HP 108w printer or not? Read our honest and unbiased review! HP 108w printer is an excellent choice for people who are concerned about security. But the question is, whether it does its principal job (which is printing) with excellence or not.

Whether it is worth buying an HP 108w printer or whether it is just an unnecessary crate after a few uses. Whether it has useful features or not. We hope our review will clear all your doubts!

HP Laserjet 108w Printer

HP Laserjet 108w Single Function Printer

Key Features

  • Compact Size.
  • Great Build Quality.
  • Superb Printing Quality.
  • High Yield Printer.

About Laser Printers:

As the name suggests in a laser printer laser technology is used. Unlike inkjet printers, laser printers need powdered colors known as toners.

There are enhanced technologies in laser printers that ensure faster performance, easy maintenance, and many more.

HP 108w Printer Review in Detail

HP 108w Printer Review

Now, let’s have a look at the HP 108w Printer Review in detail which will surely help you decide whether you should buy it or not.

Compact design:

The dimensions of HP 108w printer are 8.4 inch x 13 inch x 7 inch. This is a small, compact and stiff printer.

Fast performance:

The HP 108w is a real fast printer with 64 MB memory and a 400 MHz processor. HP 108w is able to provide 20 to 21 A4 size black and white printouts within a minute while the first printout is within 8.3 seconds.

Enhanced and sharp printing:

The HP 108w is specially engineered to toner particles evenly, consistently on the sheet to provide sharp and clear printings.

Wireless connectivity:

HP 108w printer is endowed with Wi-Fi connectivity so that the user can enjoy the seamless, mess-free, advantageous connection to tablets, smartphones.

Mac compatibility:

The HP 108w is Mac compatible. This is a remarkable feature as every printer is not Mac compatible.

Easy to use:

The HP 108w is smartly designed for convenient uses. Again HP Smart App helps in scanning, printing easily.

Easy task management using HP smart App:

Just download HP Smart App, get connected to HP 108w printer wirelessly and enjoy easy scanning, easy printing, convenient management. You can also order toners by HP Smart App.

Compatible sizes:

HP 108w supports C5, B5, A4, A5, DL sizes so that you can print presentations, business documents, movie tickets, receipts of bills, legal documents, and everything comfortably.

Security enabled printer:

HP 108w works only when you use cartridges with HP original chip. This feature ensures security as well as durability.

High duty cycle:

HP 108w supports 10000 letter size , 1500 A4 size printouts every month.

Useful in both office and house:

Being a fast working printer with a high duty cycle and also being able to provide excellent quality printing the HP 108w is useful in both office and house.

Drawbacks of HP 108w Printer

Here are some drawbacks of this printer we have found in this printer.

No scanner, no copier:

In this era of multifunction printers, not having a scanner can be counted as a weighty drawback of HP 108w printers.

No colour printouts:

HP 108w is a monochrome printer so it does not support color printing.

No provision of auto- duplex feature:

HP 108w printer supports dual printing manually only i.e. you won’t get both side printing automatically by fixing settings once.

Conclusion: HP 108w Printer Review

Although HP 108w has some drawbacks, this affordable printer has many useful features also. If you are looking for a trustworthy monochrome printer with wireless connectivity for home or office use then the HP 108w printer is definitely a choice.

We cherish positive opinions about this security-enabled laser printer and we comfortably recommend the HP 108w printer to our readers.

Some Frequently Asked Questions: HP 108w Printer Review

Q. Can I get colour printouts from my HP 108w printer?

A . No as HP 108w printer is a monochrome printer.

Q. Is there any scanner in the HP 108w printer?

A . No, there is no in-built scanner in HP 108w printer.

Q. Can I copy or scan documents using the HP 108w printer ?

A . No, as the HP 108w printer does not have any scanner. By using HP smart App, you can scan documents with your smartphone, and the HP 108w printer will access them from your smartphone easily and wirelessly.

Q. Is it worth buying the HP 108w printer?

A . Definitely. Read our review of HP 108w printer and understand why we say so.

Q. Is the HP 108w printer Mac compatible?

A . Yes it is Mac compatible.

Q. Does the HP 108w printer have an auto-duplex feature?

A . No it does not have an auto-duplex feature.

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