HP 115 Printer Review- Honest & Detailed

Looking for a trustworthy color printer at a budget price? Well then HP Ink Tank 115 will definitely emerge as an option. But you must be confused about whether it is worth buying or not. Our HP 115 Printer Review will clear your all doubts.

Whether you could find something better at the same price. Let’s dwell upon all the advantages and disadvantages of the HP Ink Tank 115 printer and then decide.

Key Features

HP 115 Printer

  • Completely Compact Design.
  • A4, A6,  B5, DL Page Size Support.
  • Cost-Efficient & Value for Money.
  • Both Colour and Monochrome Printouts

About Ink Tank printers

Ink Tank printers are modern and enhanced forms of inkjet printers. Ink Tank printers can provide excellent printing at remarkably low cost and are easy to use too. Ink tank printers can contain more colors than old models of inkjet printers, hence do not require frequent refilling.

HP 115 Printer Specifications

Printer TypeINK Tank
Printing Speed15 pages per minute (color), 19 pages per minute (Black and white)
Printer Dimension52.3 x 56.97 x 25.97 cm
Item Weight‎5 kg 530 g
Printing Cost10p for B/W, 20p for Colour
Ideal ForHome and Small Office
Supported OSWindows 7, Window 10, Mac OS
PriceCheck Price

HP 115 Printer Review (Ink Tank)

HP 115 Printer Review

Now, here we will be going through the detailed review of the HP 115 Printer. Have a look at the advantages of this particular printer one by one.

Affordable colour printer

Generally any reliable colour printer costs around INR 1000 and if it has wireless connectivity, a good duty cycle then it costs around INR 13k to 14k. But HP 115 is a colour printer that costs only INR 8000 and is good enough too.


HP Ink Tank 115 printer is not only affordable but also cost-efficient. User needs to spend only 10 paisa  for each monochrome ( black and white) and only 20 paisa for each colour printout.

High yield ink bottles

The user can expect 6000 black and white and 8000 color printouts from 135 ml of black ink and three bottles of  70 ml chromatic ink.

Easy ink management

Ink levels of HP ink tank 115 printers are easily visible through transparent ink containers of it and refiling is quite convenient using compatible ink bottles.

Both colour and monochrome printouts

Colour printers are better since they can provide colour as well as black and white printouts, unlike monochrome printers which can provide only black and white printouts. You can get 3 colour or 8 black and white printouts from HP Ink Tank 115 which is more than enough for home-usage.

Photograph printing, borderless printing

One can use it to print professional photographs as HP 115 printer prints with excellence.

Compatible sheet sizes

HP Ink Tank 115 printer is a simple one yet it supports different sheet sizes namely A4, A6,  B5, DL. As, you can see different kind of sheet size is supported in this printer.

Drawbacks HP INK Tank 115 Printer

Here are some drawbacks of this printer that are not a dealbreaker at all in this price range.

1. Slow performance

HP INK Tank 115 works really slow. It can process only 3 color printouts or 8 black and white printouts per minute.

2. No provision of scanning or copying

HP 115 is a single-function printer to print only.

3. No auto-duplex feature

No auto-duplex feature means no automatic dual side printing from the HP Ink Tank 115 printer.

4. No wireless connectivity

The HP Ink Tank 115 printer has wired connectivity only.

5. Can’t take heavy loads of work

If you put heavy loads on HP Ink Tank 115 then it won’t serve long.

Conclusion: HP 115 Printer Review

If you have INR 8000 and looking for a color printer from trusted brand then HP Ink Tank 115 is the best you can have. Although it has some major drawbacks, if you need about 20 to 30 printouts a day then you can comfortably go for the HP Ink Tank 115 printer. It won’t disappoint you if you do not put heavy loads of work into it.

Who Should Buy It?

Those who need a printer for educational purposes for the home or those who need a printer for their small office should definitely go for this printer.

Some important FAQs about HP 115 Printer Review

Q. Can HP Ink Tank 115 Printer process black and white printouts?

A . Yes it can process black and white printouts.

Q. How much does an Ink Tank Printer cost?

The cost of an Ink Tank Printer varies depending on the company and the features.

Q. Is the HP Ink Tank 115 Printer worth buying?

A . Among its price range it is a good one.

Q. Can I scan or copy using the HP Ink Tank 115 Printer?

A . No, as the HP Ink Tank 115 printer  is a single function printer which means it can print only.

Q. Does HP Ink Tank 115 Printer have an auto-duplex feature?

A . No it does not have auto-duplex printing feature.

Q. Can I use the HP 115 Printer in my office?

A . If you have a small office that can be run with the speed of 3 colour printouts or 8 monochrome printouts per minute and if your office does not need bulky printouts then you can have HP Ink Tank 115 for your office. 

Q. What will I get along with HP Ink Tank 115 printer?

A . HP Ink Tank 115; HP GT51XL Black Ink bottle; HP GT52 Cyan Ink bottle; HP GT52 Magenta Ink bottle; HP GT52 Yellow Ink bottle; power cord; ink caution flyer;  Power cord; a guidebook.

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