HP 1200w vs HP M1005 Detailed Comparison

The brand, HP or Hewlett-Packard, has manufactured some of the latest printers that are equally useful for home users as well as small business owners. Because these new versions of printers do not require tiresome effort for printing or frequent replacement of cartridges. The HP Laser printers are such printers.

And, in this article, we will discuss the features of two of the best models in this category – the HP 1200W and the HP M1005. Simultaneously, we will be giving you comparisons between their features which will be helpful for you if you proceed to buy any one of them. 

HP 1200w vs HP M1005 Key Difference

HP 1200w vs HP M1005 Compared

HP 1200w vs HP M1005


The HP 1200W printer does not have a complex design. This printer comes with a simplistic design with a grey-toned body. Though this printer includes input and output trays along with a Flatbed scanner, it is a very little printer to be placed in any corner of your office or home. There is an LCD panel on the left side of the printer for allowing you to smoothly operate the printer. A toner level indicator sits on the front of the HP 1200W printer. 

The HP M1005 printer is quite bigger than the HP 1200W printer in size. Still, we can consider it a lightweight printer. This printer also includes a flatbed scanner along with a 2″ LED display on the top of it. The front part of this printer includes input and output trays. 

Printing Qualities 

When it comes to the quality of printing, the HP 1200W printer shows excellent performance with up to 600 × 600 dpi print resolution. Though the quality of printing depends on what type of documents or images you are printing, every time you will get crisp and clear monochromatic text. This printer supports duplex printing but it has to be done manually. 

The HP M1005 printer is equipped with HP’s FastRes 1200 technology which causes exceptional quality prints at the maximum resolution of 600 × 600 dpi. This is also a monochrome printer just like the HP 1200W.  

Page Yield 

The HP 1200W printer comes with a pre-installed toner that can alone deliver up to 5000 pages before any replacement. On the other hand, the HP M1005 printer comes with a toner cartridge that can deliver up to 2000 pages. 

Print Speed 

The first page can be delivered by the HP 1200W printer within only 15 seconds. This printer can print up to 25 pages in a minute. On the other hand, the HP M1005 printer can offer you up to 14 pages per minute. 

Print Cost 

The HP 1200W printer prints a page at just 29 paise whereas the HP M1005 printer does it at Rs. 1.40. From this huge difference in cost per print between these printers, it is clear that the HP 1200W printer is more convenient for long-term use than the HP M1005 printer. 

Other Functionalities 

As both the HP 1200W and the HP M1005 printers are multifunctional printers, they have more functionalities other than printing. Both the printers have convenient scanning and copying options that make them more useful for commercial usage. 

The HP 1200W printer has buttons for copying. It can copy documents or ID cards, so this printer is highly helpful for doing tasks quickly in a commercial area. Through the HP Smart App, scanning directly from mobile can be done. This printer can scan a document within only 16 seconds. But it lacks an automatic document feeder that is helpful for scanning multiple pages quickly. 

The HP M1005 printer also has easy scanning and copying options. This printer has a flatbed scanner that can perform so well that you can scan a document with up to 1200 dpi resolution. This high resolution is absolutely perfect for scanning any type of document. 

Connectivity Features 

There is a noticeable difference between the connectivity features of the HP 1200W and the HP M1005 printers. Because the HP 1200W printer is a wireless printer while the HP M1005 has only a USB 2.0 connectivity option. So if you are buying a printer for office usage, the HP 1200W printer will be better with having USB 2.0, WiFi, Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and some other connectivity options. 

Bottom Lines– Which One Is the Best & Why?

Both the HP 1200W and the HP M1005 printers are easy to install and use. As we have read in the article that there is not much difference between the two printers but their connectivity features, page yield, cost of printing, and print speed. Considering all these differences, we will suggest you buy the HP 1200W printer as It is the newer version than the HP M1005 printer and has better features. 

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