Hp Smart Tank 515 Review

Hp Smart Tank 515 Review: Planning to buy Hp Smart Tank 515 and want an honest review on it? If “yes”, you are in the right place.

HP is considered to be one of the finest printer-making companies in the world making printers for decades. The printers of this company are long-lasting and also value for money.

Recently, the company has launched the Smart Tank series of printers, and the popular HP Smart Tank 515 printer falls under this series.

After doing extensive research and going through several user reviews, we have decided to share with you all the details of this printer.

Is it worth buying according to us? Well, let’s find out in this Hp Smart Tank 515 Review.

Notable Features

HP Smart Tank 515 Printer

  • Spill-free Refilling.
  • Quality Printing.
  • Wireless Connectivity.

What is InkTank Printer?

InkTank printers are the improved version of InkJet printers. The old inkjet printers used to offer very bad print quality and also quite less printing. The ink of the printer used to run out of ink just after printing around 200 pages.

In this situation, the Ink Jet printers needed cartridge replacements. However, as the technology advanced, the performance of inkjet printers got performance boost quite significantly.

And now, they are called InkTank Printer. Compared to inkjet printers, the modern InkTank printers are quite cost-effective as they come with an ink reservoir or tank and a static head.

And because of this, you don’t have to replace it. Moreover, the ink of InkTank printers does not dry up quite easily just like the InkJet printers.

On top of that, the InkTank printers are more eco-friendly and the equipment of it is also truly affordable.

Hp Smart Tank 515 Printer Specifications

FunctionalityMultifunctional All-in-One (Print, Scan, and Copy)
Printing TechnologyInk Tank
Print Speed33 pages (Black & White) Per Minute
11 pages (Colour) Per Minute
Page size supportedA4; A6; legal; DI; letter
Supported Operating SystemsWindows 7 and Higher, Mac Os
ConnectivityWireless Connectivity (WiFi), Bluetooth
Item Dimensions37.3 x 44.7 x 15.8 cm
Ideal ForHome and Small Office
Duplex CapabilityNo
Required Ink ModelGT53 xl black & GT52 color bottles
Supported Page SizeA4, A5, A6, B5, C6, DL
Item Weight5.14 kg

Hp Smart Tank 515 Printer Review

HP Smart Tank 515 Review

HP Ink Tank Smart printers are superb. Have a look at this Hp Smart Tank 515 Printer’s features in detail.

Design and Build

This model comes in black and grey color. The design and the look of the printer are somewhat like the other models from the brand. It is slightly larger in size. However, the weight is just 5.14 KG.

It is an all-in-one printer. The scan bed on the top of the printer can hold a single A4 sheet to scan it in color or black and white. There is a control panel with buttons on the top of the printer that can directly give the print command.

The printer also has a power button and a single color LED Display. Moreover, you can easily monitor and maintain ink levels with an integrated tank design and an automatic ink sensor.

We have no complaint regarding the build quality of this printer. It is made with good quality of materials which will last long.

Spill-free Refilling

This printer offers spill-free refilling and loading the ink is quite easy and convenient. You are getting two sets of ink loads here as it is a smart tank printer.

The one you will find in the form of bottles that you need to unload into the ink tanks that are located in the front. You will find the other goes into the printer from the front middle panel.

With integrated ink tanks and an automatic ink sensor, the printer offers a compact, spill-free refill system that makes it easy to manage ink.


To connect the printer with other devices, you are getting dual-band Wi-Fi which is considered to be a faster and more reliable connection.

You can print and scan anywhere and any time HP Smart mobile print app. It is one of the most appealing features you will find in a printer for sure.

Setting the wireless connectivity is also super easy and convenient. You just have to go to the website of HP and download the HP smart software. After following all the on-screen instructions, you will be completely ready to use it.

Performance and Printing Quality

Hp Smart Tank 515 is a great performer. The print quality is great and the speed of it is also satisfactory.

At the draft setting, you can print 18 pages per minute. In the color mode, you can expect 11 pages per minute. The printer takes a while to print compared to the laser printers which are quite fast.

However, the sharpness and the color accuracy with deeper blacks this printer offers are truly superb. Hence, waiting for a little bit more is truly worthwhile.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

  • Lack Envelope Feeder: Hp Smart Tank 515 lacks an Envelope feeder which helps in reducing printer interaction by eliminating the need to manually load envelopes.
  • Slow Printing: The printer takes a little while to print which is not a big issue. However, someone can find it a drawback.

Conclusion: Hp Smart Tank 515 Review

If you are looking for an all-in-one printer at a reasonable price, Hp Smart Tank 515 is the best one out there. It comes with One-year or 30,000 pages of warranty and supports both Windows and Mac Os.

It is also quite eco-friendly and consumes quite less energy. It consumes 3.12 watts of power in ready mode and 0.75 watts of power in sleep mode.

Though it has some flaws, they are not dealbreakers at all. Overall, it is a great printer you can buy without any hesitation to use at home as well as at your office.

So, why wait? Check the recent price by clicking the above-mentioned link.

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