Inkjet vs Ink Tank Printer

A printer is a very vital gadget for home as well as for the workplace. Nowadays, buying a good quality printer is more affordable as so many reliable brands are manufacturing smart printers and selling them at a very reasonable price. Moreover, maintaining a printer is also not a difficult task if you have a modern printer. 

This article is going to guide you to know about the differences between two types of printers – inkjet printers and ink tank printers. You will also know about the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of printers from this article. So let’s have a read! 

Inkjet vs Ink Tank Printer Detailed Comparison

Inkjet vs Ink Tank Printer
Inkjet vs Ink Tank Printer

What Is An Inkjet Printer? 

Inkjet printers are printers that print by spraying ink onto paper. In an inkjet printer, there must be a print head that includes a few tiny nozzles or jets.

These jets do the actual work. That means they spray the ink onto the papers during the process of printing and that is how the characters and images are formed on a paper. 

An inkjet printer uses replaceable ink cartridges that consist of black and three colour cartridges. These three colours are – cyan, magenta, and yellow. But, in some inkjet printers, you may find a single cartridge for all colours of ink. 

What Is An Ink Tank Printer? 

As times change, technology also advances. With this advanced technology, ink tank printers are manufactured. An ink tank printer is a perfect choice if you want a printer that is affordable, easy-to-use, and eco-friendly. 

An ink tank printer contains an ink-holding tank. This ink tank contains ink bottles of different colours.

You can fill this tank without facing any risk of spillage whenever you need as each of these bottles contains a nozzle and a resealable cap. Moreover, because of using a pressure mechanism, these ink bottles are able to stop themselves once the tank is full. 

Difference Between Inkjet And Ink Tank Printers

  • Inkjet printers print using ink cartridges. Though these printers can deliver smooth and accurate texts with vibrant colours, they are not as good as ink tank printers for printing occasionally. If you do not use an inkjet printer for more than 7 days, the ink in the cartridges dry up which leads you to replace the cartridges. 

On the other hand, ink tank printers contain an ink tank that has different ink bottles for different colours of ink. This ink tank can hold up to 70 ml of ink and deliver a high page yield. So you do not need to refill the ink bottles frequently. Moreover, the ink tank does not dry up even if you do not print for more than 10 days. 

  • As the ink cartridges of an inkjet printer have a tendency to dry up if it is left for more than 7 days, you must replace the entire cartridge which is very costly. So an inkjet printer can never be called as a cost – saving printer. 

On the other hand, refilling the ink bottles of an ink tank printer is very affordable. It is because the genuine ink of an ink tank printer comes at a very low price. 

  • You cannot expect more than 500 pages off a single cartridge of an inkjet printer. Because these printers are not designed to be used for bulk printing. 

On the other hand, an ink tank printer has the capability of printing up to 1000 pages with only one set of ink bottles. Because this kind of printers have such efficient ink tanks that can store a high capacity of ink. 

  • Inkjet printers can print on almost every type of papers as well as on some fabrics. Because these printers have good precision. 

On the other hand, though ink tank printers can print on every type of papers, they may not work accurately for photo printing. 

Inkjet vs Ink Tank PrinterWhich is Better?

The battle between traditional inkjet printers and modern ink tank printers will never end. Inkjet printers are capable to deliver vibrant photos, posters, and colourful pictures for school – projects or official assignments. Ink tank printers just add some more features to it. 

But if you really want to buy a good printer for your office or home, we will suggest you to buy an ink tank printer as it is more affordable and more convenient than an inkjet printer.

By reducing maintenance cost, energy consumption, and risk of spillage during refilling the ink reservoir, an ink tank printer will be your perfect companion for printing. 

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