Advantages and Disadvantages of Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers have both advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss these in detail. 

Inkjet printers are such printing machines that are mostly used for home or office usages. These printers can be connected to the computer or laptop through both wireless and wired media. Some brands are manufacturing such efficient inkjet printers that can do scan and photocopy as well, apart from printing. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inkjet Printers In Detail

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inkjet Printers

Advantages Of Inkjet Printers 

Let us discuss the advantages of an inkjet printer: 

Inkjet printers come with a very low price. In fact, the initial cost of an all – in – one inkjet printer can be less than a laser printer. But low price does not mean that inkjet printers have low quality printing facilities. You will be surprised to know that even the least costly inkjet printer can deliver high quality prints. In fact, there are multifunctional inkjet printers available in the market that can also scan and copy documents. This is why inkjet printers are suitable for both official and domestic usage. . 

Inkjet printers use such great quality ink cartridges that are highly pigmented. This is why inkjet printers are able to print images and texts with a splendid quality. With each output, you will experience superb smoothness and accuracy. These printers make your photographs more vivid and lively than any other type of printers can do. 

The print resolution of an inkjet printer is very high which makes this type of printer popular for photo printing. You will get up to 1440 × 1440 dpi resolution from an inkjet printer. In fact, these printers can print on photo papers with the same print resolution. 

You may find a problem with your old laser printer that it takes time to wake up. So it is your time to remove that printer from your workplace and set up an inkjet printer because inkjet printers do not take wake up time. They do not need any time to be warmed up. They can start working just after you turn it on. 

Inkjet printers are very compact in design and lightweight. So if you buy an inkjet printer, you can easily set it on your small desk. Moreover, because of being lightweight, inkjet printers are easy to move. 

Inkjet printers do not produce noise while printing. So the environment of your workplace will get no distraction because of it. 

The ink used by an inkjet printer is stable as well as waterproof. So the prints you will get from it can last for up to 100 years. Moreover, inkjet printers use the advanced liquid dye technology. This technology can increase print lifespans. 

The duty cycle of an inkjet printer is also amazing. For some inkjet printers, it is up to 25000 pages per month. But this may depend on the quality of the inkjet printer. Because there are such inkjet printers too, that can print up to 13000 pages per month. 

Disadvantages Of Inkjet Printers 

Now it is time to know the disadvantages of an inkjet printer: 

Inkjet printers are not made for doing bulk printing. These printers cannot print at high speed. If you want to print a large document with an inkjet printer, you may have to wait for some minutes. And, if you want to print this same document in colour, you have to wait some more. 

Inkjet printers cannot print bulk volume of pages. They cannot even deliver high page yield while compared to inkjet printers. 

Print head of an inkjet printer is very delicate and it may get damaged if you try to print high volume of pages at once. Repairing the print head costs more than buying a new inkjet printer. 

Inkjet printers are prone to ink clogging. These printers are equipped with automatic maintenance cycles. Still, these printers need replacement of ink cartridges frequently which is very costly. 

Inkjet printers usually use Aqueous ink. This type of ink is very sensitive to water. So the printed outputs may need a few seconds to dry out. Moreover, the outputs should be keep away from water before the ink completely dry out, otherwise it can cause smudge or smear.

Inkjet printers have a tendency to cause bleeding effects on the paper in case the ink is carried sideways. In these cases, you can’t use highlighters or markers on the documents. 

Bottom LinesAre Ink Jet Printers Good?

After reading this article on Advantages and Disadvantages of Inkjet Printers, it is completely your choice whether you will buy an inkjet printer or not.

In case you think that we have missed out any advantage or disadvantage, you can let us know through your comment. 

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