Canon G3000 vs HP 419 Comparison with Differences

Apart from having a personal computer or laptop at home or in office, the necessity of having a good printer is increasing day by day. But often we worry about the cost of printers as well as the cost of ink. It is true that the requirement of ink is very high if you have to do regular printing and sometimes the inks are very costly. But the manufacturers of printers have brought an evolution in their products that has reduced the overall cost a lot. With the invention of ink tank printers, printing bulk volume of pages has become possible at affordable cost. 

Such two manufacturers are Canon and HP. In this article, we will take two of their printers under our magnifying glass and show you a comparison between the features of these printers. These printers are the Canon G3000 and the HP 419. So let’s start! 

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Design Comparison

The Canon G3000 printer is a box – shaped printer with tiny footprint. It is an all – in – one ink tank printer that is built with high – quality material that gives it enough durability. This printer has an integrated ink tank in the front of it with the feature of showing ink levels. There is no LCD display on this printer. The control buttons of this printer are on the top of it. 

The HP 419 printer also demands small space to be kept. This printer also has a durable exterior made up of plastic, though some users have found the structure a little delicate. However, the printer looks very elegant and it weighs around 4.67 kg, which is lighter than the Canon G3000 printer which weighs around 5.8 kg. The ink tanks are translucent so that you can check the ink levels regularly. This printer includes a flatbed scanner, just like the Canon G3000 printer. But unlike the Canon G3000 printer, The HP 419 printer has an LCD panel for getting printing status. 

Printing Qualities Comparison

Both the Canon G3000 printer and the HP 419 printer can print regular black and white documents as well as vibrant colour photos, including borderless photos. Both of these printers share the same maximum print resolution that is 4800 × 1200 dpi. They use dye – based ink for colour and pigment – based ink for black, which ensures best quality of printing on various types of papers. 

Page Yield Comparison

The HP 419 printer is the winner against the Canon G3000 printer while it comes to the matter of page yield. Because this particular printer can print up to 8000 colour pages or up to 15000 monochrome pages with a single refill. The page yield of the Canon G3000 printer is very low in comparison to the HP 419 printer. This printer can deliver page yield up to 6000 pages for monochrome or up to 7000 pages for colour. 

Print Speed Comparison

In terms of speed of printing, the Canon G3000 and the HP 419 printers do not show much difference. There is only a slight difference in their speed of printing black and white pages. The Canon G3000 prints up to 8.8 black and white documents per minute, while the HP 419 printer prints up to 8 pages per minute. They both can deliver same amount of color prints within a minute, which is 5 pages per minute. 

Print Cost Comparison

In terms of cost per print, the Canon G3000 and the HP 419 printers show a big difference. While the Canon G3000 printer prints a black and white document or image at just 9 paise, the HP 419 printer prints at 10 paise. On the other hand, while the Canon G3000 printer prints a color document or image at 32 paise, the HP 419 printer prints only at 20 paise. 

Connectivity Comparison

The Canon G3000 printer will be suitable for those users who wants to have a printer in their workplace where more than one person have to take print outs with a single device at a same time. This is because this printer is equipped with multiple connectivity features, such as wired USB connectivity, wireless WiFi connectivity, and Canon SELPHY App. 

The HP 419 printer is also easy to connect to multiple devices at the same time as this printer also has wireless connectivity features. It takes just a few seconds to connect this printer to your computer through the USB connector to take prints. This printer also supports ePrint technology that will help you get prints directly from your smart devices. 

Bottom Lines– Which Is the Ideal One for You?

The overall performance of both the Canon G3000 and the HP 419 printers is well enough. But in some cases, especially in the case of page yield, the HP 419 printer shows better result than the Canon G3000 printer. So if you consider our choice, you can go for the HP 419 printer. 

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