HP M1136 vs M126NW- Honestly Compared

With the increase in the number of opportunities to work from home, the number of devices needed to have in-home has also been increased. Earlier, we need to have only a computer or laptop and a smartphone at home. But in today’s world, having a printer, a scanner, and even a copier has also become very important. So we must arrange rooms for these devices at our home as well as in our office. But what if we get all these facilities in a single device? 

Here we will be giving a comparative discussion on such two products that are not only print but also efficient for scanning and copying. These two products are – the HP M1136 printer and the HP M126NW printer. Both of these printers can be used for multiple commercial purposes. So if you are eager to know more about these two printers, let us describe them. 

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HP M1136 vs M126NW Honest Comparison

HP M1136 vs M126NW


The HP M1136 is a multi-functional laser printer that comes in a tiny size but with numerous features. This printer can comfortably be fitted into the space of your desk. It is a very lightweight device that weighs only 9.89 kg. The input tray with a holding capacity of up to 150 sheets makes this printer incredibly essential for heavy volumes of printing. There is a dual digital numeric LED display in the HP M1136 printer for easy operations. 

The HP M126nw printer is a little larger and heavier than the HP M1136 printer. This printer weighs 10 kg. Moreover, this printer has an LCD display with 2 – line manual buttons that are quite smaller in size than that of the HP M1136 printer. 

Printing Qualities 

The HP M1136 printer will deliver crisp text with high-quality graphics. This printer can print at a maximum print resolution of up to 600 × 600 dpi. You will get a smooth experience in printing with this multifunctional printer. This printer is equipped with advanced laser technology that gives its users instant output. 

The HP M126nw printer also uses the latest LaserJet technology for printing. This is also a monochrome printer. This printer can print sharp and crisp texts in black and white. The print resolution of the HP M126nw printer is much higher than that of the HP M1136 printer. It can print with up to 1200 × 1200 dpi resolution. 

Page Yield 

When you will purchase the HP M1136 printer, you will get HP black print cartridge along with the product. This cartridge can alone give you a page yield of up to 1000 pages. 

On the other hand, the HP M126nw printer is more capable to give you a higher page yield than that of the HP M1136 printer. This printer comes with a compatible toner cartridge that can deliver up to 2000 pages. 

Print Speed 

Both the HP M1136 printer and the HP M126nw printer are a monochrome printers, so they both can produce only black and white prints. The HP M1136 printer can print up to 18 pages per minute. 

On the other hand, the HP M126nw printer can produce more pages in a minute than the HP M1136 printer can. This particular printer can produce up to 20 pages per minute. This speed is absolutely perfect for bulk printing within a short period of time. 

Print Cost 

Both the HP M1136 and the HP M126nw printers are designed in a specific way so that they can save the cost of printing. The HP M1136 printer will allow you to print a black and white page at only 8 paise. This cost is much lower than that of the HP M126nw. Because the HP M126nw printer can’t print a single black and white page at less than Rs. 2.

Operating System and Connectivity 

The HP M1136 printer has the capability of working with both Mac and Windows operating systems. In fact, this printer can also work with Linux. The HP M126nw printer is also compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. 

When it comes to the connectivity features, both the HP M1136 and the HP M126nw printers have convenient options. But, the HP M1136 printer possesses only the USB 2.0 connectivity option, while the other has both USB and WiFi connectivity options. In fact, the HP M126nw printer has support for Ethernet and the HP ePrint App that make this printer very convenient for being used by every type of user. 

Bottom Lines– Which One Is the Best?

In this article, we have presented a comparative discussion on the HP M1136 and the HP M126nw printers, which are both multifunctional monochrome laser printers. Before choosing any one of them, you have to understand your exact expectations of yours from a printer. If you need to do bulk printing regularly, we will suggest you buy the HP M126nw for its tremendous print speed and higher page yield. In case you need a printer at a low cost, we will suggest you buy the HP M1136 printer. 

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