Canon Pixma G3770 vs G2770 Comparison

Canon Pixma G3770 vs G2770- The new range of Canon Pixma printers is specially designed to boost productivity at a low cost, with easy ink filling and large reservoirs, making them ideal for office and home use.

Canon Pixma G3770 vs G2770 Specs

FeatureCanon Pixma G3770Canon Pixma G2770
Design and BuildModerate plastic bodyModerate plastic body
QualityVisible ink levels, easy power cable replacementVisible ink levels, easy power cable replacement
Single input tray at rear for easy paper loadingSingle input tray at rear for easy paper loading
Display3.4 cm LED display2.54 cm LCD screen
FunctionsFax, copy, scanCopy, scan
Printing Speed6 ppm (color), 11 ppm (mono)6 ppm (color), 11 ppm (mono)
Maximum Resolution4800×1200 DPI4800×1200 DPI
Scanning Resolution600×1200 DPI600 x 1 200 dpi
Page Yields (mono)6000 pages6000 pages
Page Yields (color)7700 pages7700 pages
Printing Cycle1500 prints1500 prints
Printing CostsBlack: 3 cents/page, Color: 5 cents/pageBlack: 3 cents/page, Color: 5 cents/page
ConnectivityAirPrint, Morphia, direct Wi-Fi, USB 2.0USB 2.0
OS CompatibilityYesYes

Canon Pixma G3770 vs G2770 Comparison

In this article, we will make a quick comparison of two recently launched printers: Canon Pixma G3770 and Canon Pixma G2770 after using and testing them for days. So let’s get started.

Canon Pixma G3770 vs G2770

Design and Build Quality

The Canon G series printers are low-maintenance printers with high-quality features. Regarding the design of Canon Pixma G3770 and G2770, they have moderate plastic bodies.

The ink levels are visible, and the damaged power cable can be easily replaced. However, there is only one input tray at the rear of the printer, making it easier to load papers.

The Canon Pixma G3770 has a 3.4 cm LED display and instructive buttons. The printer also comes in three attractive color options: black, red, and white. It has fax, copy, and scanning capabilities.

On the other hand, the Canon Pixma G2770 comes with a slightly smaller display of a 2.54 cm LCD screen followed by instructive buttons.

It only has scanning and copying functions. Both printers have compact footprints, allowing them to fit in small spaces.

Printing Quality and Speed

Canon is known for its supreme printing quality and accuracy. When it comes to printing, both printers perform well in terms of speed and accuracy.

These multipurpose printers have four large ink tanks, which are quite impressive and can print a large number of pages. Both the Canon Pixma G3770 and G2770 have the same input capacity of 100 sheets.

They have four ink tanks: black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. These devices provide superb printing quality for both mono and color prints, with a maximum resolution of 4800×1200 DPI.

The Canon Pixma is also fast, with a printing speed of 6 ppm (color) and 11 ppm (mono). Especially the manual duplex and borderless printing features make the prints of Canon Pixma G3770 awesome.

Scanning and Copying

Both printers are quite decent in maintaining their tasks. The Canon Pixma G3770 and G2770 have flatbed scanners that can scan with excellent resolution. The Canon Pixma G3770 has a scanning resolution of 600×1200 DPI.

It also has good copying and faxing quality, along with speed. The Canon Pixma G2770 also has a flatbed scanner that provides stunning scanning quality, and the copying speed is quite decent. Both printers can be considered all-around printers genuinely.

Page Yields and Printing Costs

Among all-in-one printers, these two printers offer the minimum running costs. The Canon Pixma G3700 and G2770 come with moderate page yields of 6000 pages (mono) and 7700 (color). Both printers have a printing cycle of 1500 prints.

The printers have affordable printing costs of 3 cents (black and white) and 5 cents (color) per page, which is really amazing. The printing experience in both printers is genuinely good, we must say.

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Like any other devices, printers are also becoming smarter and easier to use with the trend. Both devices have versatile connectivity options with great features. In terms of connectivity options, the Canon Pixma G3770 stands out to be far better than the G2770.

The Canon G3770 is compatible with AirPrint, Morphia, direct Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, etc., whereas the Canon G2770 only has USB 2.0, which is the biggest drawback of this device. Although both printers have OS compatibility, which is really great.


When compared in terms of speed and quality, the Canon Pixma G3770 stands out as the clear-cut winner compared to the Canon Pixma G2770.

The Canon G2770 has several drawbacks, such as the lack of fax capacity, a smaller display size, and limited connectivity options, which hold it back from the Canon G3770 which comes with super strong connections.

Otherwise, both printers have almost the same qualities, so users can choose according to their preferences.

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