HP 310 vs HP 319 Comparison, Difference

HP 310 vs HP 319- Printers are definitely one of the most useful electronic gadgets that everyone requires for so many purposes. It is such an electronic machine that makes our printing needs easier.

Nowadays, even a small businessman or a student wants to buy a cheap but efficient printer to increase productivity. 

When we are talking about cheap but efficient printers, we must talk about HP printers because HP is such a brand that always produces reliable and user-friendly printers.

In this article, we will be discussing the HP 310 and the HP 319 printers. Let us look at this article to know why these two printers have achieved high praise from their users. 

HP 310 vs HP 319 Specification Comparison

FunctionalityAll-In-One Ink TankAll-In-One Ink Tank
ConnectivityUSB 2.0USB 2.0
Page yield (B/W)4000 Prints (B/W)
8000 Prints (Colour)
15000 Prints (B/W)
8000 Prints (Colour)
Print Per Minute
(Print speed)
8 pages (B/W)
5 pages (colour)
8 pages (B/W)
5 pages (colour)
Ink Cost2200 Rs2200 Rs
Cost Per Print10 Paise For B/W
18 Paise For Colour
10 Paise For B/W
18 Paise For Colour
Ideal UserStudents
Small businesses
Small businesses
Power UsageLowLow
OS SupportWindows 7 or higher
Windows 7 or higher
ADFNot AvailableNot Available
Warranty1 Year1 Year

HP 310 vs HP 319 Detailed Comparison & Differences

HP 310 vs HP 319


Both the HP 310 and the HP 319 printers are made of high-quality plastic that gives them durability. The design of these two printers is sturdy enough to add a professional look to your workplace. 

The color of the HP 310 printer is black, while the HP 319 printer comes with a bluish body that will attract you more. These printers are compact in design. So you can place them in the tiniest space.

Printing Qualities 

The HP 310 and the HP 319 printers are all-in-one printers. So you will get printing, scanning, and also copying features in these printers. These two printers come with very similar features for printing as well as scanning. 

Both the HP 310 and the HP 319 printers can print with very high quality. These printers are able to print pictures with much vibrancy and also fade-resistant quality.

For printing, these printers support papers up to 300 GSM. You can also print on glossy photo paper by these printers. 

Page Yield 

The HP 319 printer can print up to 8000 color pages and up to 15000 black and white pages. On the other hand, the HP 310 can print up to 8000 color pages and up to only 4000 black and white pages.

So you can easily understand the difference between their page yield for monochrome printing. 

Document Feeder 

Both the HP 310 and the HP 319 printers have manual duplex features. So you will not get the facility of having the automatic duplex option in any of these printers.

Because of not having auto – duplex option, you will not be able to print on both sides of a paper automatically. Every time you have to do it manually. 

 Cost Of Printing 

We have been told that the page yields of the HP 310 and the HP 319 printers are pretty different when it comes to monochrome printing. But the difference in page yield does not affect the cost of printing for both of these printers. 

The HP 310 and the HP 319 printers are equipped with ink tanks that are different in size. That is why their cost per print is similar: only 10 paise for each monochrome print and only 18 paise for each color print. 

Ink Tank 

Both the HP 310 and the HP 319 printers have transparent ink tanks that are separately designed. Because of being transparent, these ink tanks can show you the ink levels. So whenever your printer will run out of storage, you can easily refill it. 


The HP 310 and the HP 319 printers have only support for wired connectivity. You will get USB 2.0 connectivity in both of these printers to print from your computer or laptop. 

There is no WiFi connectivity option available in both of these printers. This lacking makes these two printers a little bit inefficient for commercial purposes. 

Bottom Lines– Which One is Best

It is a very difficult task to make the right choice between the HP 310 and the HP 319 printers because both of these printers have similar specifications for printing, scanning, and copying. Moreover, the price range of these two printers is also similar. 

In case you ask us for any suggestions, we will advise you to buy the HP 310 printer only if you are an occasional user.

Because it is lower in price than the HP 319 printer and you will have the advantage to refill the ink tank after every two months. 

If you want to use a printer for bulk printing or commercial purposes, we will suggest you buy the HP 319 printer as it is efficient to print more pages per day than the other one. 

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