HP 515 vs Epson L3150

Epson and HP are two popular names that come to our mind when we talk about multifunctional printers for home or office users.

During that era when the users have got tired of using the conventional printers that used to provide poor print quality with high cost, these two brands have launched some of their best printers. 

The Epson L3150 and the HP 515 printers are two of the popular multifunctional printers of these brands. These two printers have given the users the access to print, scan, and copy from anywhere. Let us compare these printers and know their attributes. 

HP 515 vs Epson L3150 Detailed Comparison

HP 515 vs Epson L3150

Design & Build Quality

The HP 515 printer has a very different look than the usual HP printers. This printer has been given a completely smart design. The HP 515 printer has been made of high-quality plastic that makes the printer durable. Moreover, it has a paper tray on the top for scanning. 

The Epson L3150 has a smaller footprint than other usual ink tank printers. This particular printer comes with dimensions of 37.5 × 34.7 × 17.9 cm.

So you do not have to be serious to place it. This printer weighs around 4.5 kg, so it is very easy to move this printer from one place to another. 

Printing Qualities 

The HP 515 printer can print with a very high resolution of 1200 dpi. The picture quality you will get will be outstanding. There is a small display screen on this particular printer that is so convenient that you can quickly drive your printer.

But one drawback of the HP 515 is that there is no automatic document feeder or ADF function available in this printer. 

On the other hand, the Epson L3150 printer can print with a resolution of 5760 × 1440 dpi that is undoubtedly spectacular. This particular printer can also print borderless photos. 

Page Yield 

The Epson L3150 printer is equipped with a set of 4 ink bottles. With this set of ink bottles, this particular printer is able to print 4500 pages and 7500 pages. 

On the other hand, the HP 515 printer is equipped with a high-capacity ink tank that can print up to 6000 black and 8000 color pages. 

 Cost Of Printing 

The cost of printing per page in the HP 515 printers is very reasonable. This printer can print a black and white page at only 10 paise and a color page at only 21 paise. 

On the other hand, the cost per print in the Epson L3150 printer is lower than the HP 515 printer. This particular printer can print a black and white page at only 7 paise and a color page at only 18 paise.

So you can understand how perfect this printer is for your home or office if you want regular or bulk printing. 

Ink Tank 

The HP 515 printer has an integrated ink tank. This ink tank is so user-friendly that the users can monitor the ink levels whenever they want.

It is easily refillable and there is less risk of drying up of ink if you do not print regularly. 

The Epson L3150 printer also has an efficient ink tank that can reduce the cost of printing per page as well as increase productivity.

Moreover, there is a Micro Piezo printhead included in the Epson L3150 printer that can work with high speed. 


The HP 515 printer will provide you with wired USB connectivity. Also, this particular printer is WiFi-enabled. So you will get to enjoy convenient wireless connectivity for printing.

Bluetooth LE connectivity option is also there in this printer that will automatically switch the printer on from sleep mode when you need to print. Moreover, the HP 515 printer supports a dual-band WiFi option. 

The Epson L3150 printer also supports both wired and wireless connectivity. Apart from these, this particular printer has so many Epson Connect features, like – Epson iPrint, Epson Email Print, Remote Print Driver, and Google Cloud Print. 

Our Verdict: Which One Should You Go for?

The Epson L3150 printer has very limited support for Apple devices. Also, this printer is not compatible with Mac operating system while the HP 515 printer can easily work on Windows and Mac operating systems.

So if you are looking for a Mac-supported printer, you must go for the HP 515 printer. 

Besides, the Epson L3150 printer can be a little noisy while working and the noise level can be up to 52 db which is quite disturbing. This chance of disturbance is absent in the HP 515 printer. 

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