Hp 415 vs 419- Honest & Detailed Ink Tank Printer Comparison

Hp 415 vs 419- You must be confused between HP 415 and HP 419 Printers as both of them are quite popular. Here, we will clear all your doubts and help you choose which one is the ideal one for you.

Know what are the major differences between Hp Ink Tank 415 and HP Ink Tank 419. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Difference between HP Ink Tank 415 and 419

The major difference between HP Ink Tank 415 and 419 is that HP Ink Tank 419 offer quite a higher page yield as it can print 15,000 pages in B&W (9,000 pages more than HP’s 415 printer).  

Hp 415 vs 419 Comparison

Design and Build Quality

HP 415 and HP 419 printers look similar. They share a similar design. Both of these printers are ink tank printers. Both HP Ink Tank 415 and Hp Ink Tank 419 are built with high-quality durable material. Both of them have symmetric designs and enough compactness. 

The control buttons, including the Power Button of the HP 415 and hp 419 printers are on the left side of the printer. The ink tank is placed on the right side of the printer. 

When it comes about design and build quality. It's a tie between HP Ink Tank 415 and HP Ink Tank 419.

Printing Features & Speed

Hp 415 vs 419
Hp 415 vs 419 Comparison

The HP 415 printer is capable of showing high contrast in photo prints. This printer lacks automatic duplex printing and supports only manual duplex printing. It includes an automatic cleaning option.

HP 415 can supply up to 19 monochromes (black and white) and up to 15 color printouts per minute. This speed is more than sufficient for home and small office usage.

HP 419 printers offer a print speed of  19 ppm for black and white pages and 15 ppm for colour pages. It has the 3-in-1 function of Print, Copy, and Scan. Manual duplex printing and an automated cleaning option are among the features.

When it comes about printing speed, its a tie too.

Printing Cost Comparison

HP 415’s printing cost is quite economical that makes it ideal for home use (10 Paise/Page B&W prints and 20, Paise/Page colour prints).

This printer model from HP, according to our study, gives high-quality photos and prints in both regular and borderless printing options. One standard monochrome (B/W) print costs 10 paise and one standard color print cost 18 paise on the HP 419.

When it comes about printing cost, HP 419 is a winner.

Hp 415 vs 419: Page Yield

HP 415 printer comes with its high-capacity ink tank that will help you in getting up to 8000 pages for color, though the page yield for monochrome printing delivered by this ink tank is 6,000 pages. The page yield in HP Ink Tank 419 is almost same. You can expect page yield of 8000 colour pages or 15000 black and white pages.

When it comes about page yield, HP 419 is a clear winner.

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Connectivity Options

The HP 415 and HP 419 printer have both USB 2.0 connectivity as well as WiFi connectivity options. So this printer can be operated from anywhere within your workplace by your smartphone or tablet. In short, connectivity options are in abundance no matter which printer you choose between them.

It's a tie when it comes about connectivity options. 

Hp 415 vs 419- Which Is the Ideal One for You?

The HP 415 and the HP 419 printers are very similar to each other, though some dissimilarities have to be considered before final selection. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose any one of them.

You can choose any one of them as both of these printers are almost identical. However, if you need a higher page yield, go for HP Ink Tank 419 without any hesitation.

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