HP Deskjet 2729 Review- Detailed and Unbiased

If you are going to buy the HP Deskjet 2729 printer but are not aware of the pros and cons of this printer, you have come to the most perfect place.

Printing is a major part of our life and the HP Deskjet 2729 printer is one of the most suitable options.

Because this particular printer is able to print almost all kinds of documents as well as images with high efficiency. 

This article is going to elaborate on the major specifications and advantages of buying the HP Deskjet 2729 printer so that it will be easy for you to decide whether you will purchase this printer or not.

We will also try to find if there is any drawback of this printer. So let’s start reading! 

HP Deskjet 2729 Specification

FunctionalityPrint, Scan and Copy
Printing TechnologyInkJet
Cost Per PrintRs 6 (Black)
Rs 8 (Color)
ConnectivityDual-Band Wi-Fi, USB
Supported OSWindows XP or higher
Supported Page A4, B5, A6, DL envelope
Printing SpeedBlack Up to 7.5 ppm
Color Up to 5.5 ppm
Power UsageLow
Ideal UserStudents
WarrantyCoverage of up to 1 year
ADFNot available
SpecsSee All Other Specs

 Detailed HP Deskjet 2729 Review

Design and Build Quality

The design of a printer always gives a positive effect or impression on who is going to buy it. Because a buyer of any electronic gadget is always attracted by its design. So, a printer with good or professional design can easily impress a customer. 

This is the case with the HP Deskjet 2729 All-in-One printer. This printer has already impressed its customers and users with its white and brown outlook.

You will be more impressed when you will get a lot of excellent features in a printer with dimensions of only 47.6 × 19.1 × 35.4 cm. This 4.53 kg – printer is also portable enough to be carried everywhere. 

Speed of Printing

Speed of printing is one of the most important factors for the users. If you want to buy the HP Deskjet 2729 printer, you can be absolutely free of worries about the speed of printing.

This printer does not only come with a good look and design, but it comes with a great speed of printing. 

Now we will explain how fast the HP Deskjet 2729 printer is able to print. This printer can print up to 7.5 pages per minute and up to 5.5 pages per minute. Are you now excited to buy this printer right now? We know you are! 

Cost of Printing

Printing cost is an important factor while you are buying a printer. Every single person or company always wants such a printer that is able to reduce the cost of printing as well as increase savings. A printer with a lower cost of printing is called a cost-effective printer. 

The HP Deskjet 2729 printer is an excellent example of cost-effective printer. Because this printer can print a monochrome page at just 6 rupees. Even if you are going to print a color document or image, it will cost only 8 rupees. 

 Quality of Printing

 The printing Quality of a printer is very important to check before buying it. The printing Quality of a printer does not indicate only the resolution of printing this printer can deliver.

It includes so many factors, such as – print alignment, quality of ink the printer use, type of paper it can handle, and many more. 

Considering all these factors, we have found that the HP Deskjet 2729 printer is absolutely ideal for both personal and official usage.

For black and white printing, this printer can print with up to 1200 × 1200 dpi resolution. While, for color printing, this printer can print with up to 4800 × 1200 dpi resolution. 

The maximum monthly duty cycle of the HP Deskjet 2729 printer is 1000 pages. This printer takes only 15 seconds to deliver a single monochromatic page and only 19 seconds to deliver a single color print. 

Connectivity Features

The HP Deskjet 2729 printer is equipped with a Dual – Band WiFi connectivity option. This self-reset feature will provide you with a very fast as well as reliable connection every time you print.

Both USB and WiFi connectivity options will help you enjoy the ease of printing and enhance productivity. 

To do scanning and copying from your mobile will also be easy with the HP Deskjet 2729 printer. You will be able to set up your smartphone with this printer using the HP Smart App. 

Bottom Lines– Should You Go for HP Deskjet 2729?

In this article, we have given you a review of such an excellent printer that is not only able to deliver prints with outstanding quality, but also print with affordable cost.

The most important thing is that the HP Deskjet 2729 printer is an all-in-one printer. So you will have tremendous features for scanning and copying, too.

So, what is your decision? Are you going to buy the superb HP Deskjet 2729 printer? Let us know through your comment! 

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