HP Deskjet 2776 Review- Honest and Unbiased

The HP Deskjet 2776 printer is basically an inkjet printer. It is named the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2776 printer because HP calls the inkjet printers they produce by Deskjet printers.

The DeskJet printers, produced by HP or Hewlett–Packard, are very helpful for both home and office usage. These printers are far better than the traditional inkjet printers available in the market. 

In this article, you will be shown the important specifications of the HP Deskjet 2776 printer. We will discuss the various features of this particular printer and will also show you what the importance of this printer is.

So let us first read the features of Deskjet printers so that you can easily understand what makes the Deskjet printers more efficient than the ordinary inkjet printers. 

HP Deskjet 2776 Specifictions

FunctionalityPrint, Scan, and Copy
Page Yield480 pages (Black & White)
150 pages (Colour)
ConnectivityUSB, WiFi
Supported OSWindows XP or higher
Item Weight‎4 kg 530 g
Duty Cycle Up to 1000 pages
Power UsageLow
Ideal UserStudents
Duplex PrintingManual
ADFNot available
Scanner TypeFlatbed
Print SpeedUp to 5.5 ppm (color)
Up to 7.5 ppm (Black)
See Full SpecsCheck Full Specs

 HP Deskjet 2776 Printer Full Review

Specifications of Deskjet Printers

  1. Deskjet printers use disposable print heads.  These print heads are not much costly. Rather, they come at a very low price. An ordinary inkjet printer does not use this kind of affordable print heads.
  • Deskjet printers come with such ink cartridges that are able to print with excellent quality that is far better than the quality of printing delivered by an inkjet printer. 
  • The ink used by a Deskjet printer is of better quality dial the ink used by an ordinary in jet printer.
  • If you have a deskjet printer, there is no need to replace the ink cartridges frequently.  Because the ink cartridges used by a Deskjet printer generally do not have the problem of ink clogging.
  • Because of having so many useful features,  Deskjet printers often come at higher price than that of inkjet printers.

Design and Build Quality

The HP Deskjet 2776 printer comes with a very professional appearance. This particular printer is not big in size at all. Rather, it has a very compact look. The dimensions of the HP Deskjet 2776 printer are 47. 5 × 19.1 × 35.4 cm.

The weight of this printer is only 4.53 kg. So, if you are reading this article, you have already understood how lightweight the HP Deskjet 2776 printer is. 

The HP Deskjet 2776 printer has a stunningly durable body of gorgeous grey color. This printer is made up of such plastic materials that make this printer endure the pressure of printing a bulk volume of pages.  

Speed of Printing

 Just like the other Deskjet ink advantage printers manufactured by HP,  the HP Deskjet 2776 Ink Advantage printer is also able to deliver prints at a very high speed. This particular printer can print up to 7.5 pages per minute if they’re in a monochromatic tone.  

When the documents or images you are going to print are in color, the HP Deskjet 2776 printer will deliver up to 5.5 prints per minute. This is a very high speed if you compare this to an inkjet printer.

Cost of Printing

The HP Deskjet 2776 printer is also able to deliver both black – n – white and color prints at reasonable costs. If you are printing a black and white document or image with the HP Deskjet 2776 printer, you only have to pay Rs.1.65.

On the other hand, when you are printing colorful documents or images, it will cost only Rs. 5. You will hardly get an inkjet printer that will provide you with lower printing costs than this.

 Quality of Printing

 We have already said that the Deskjet printers are actually inkjet printers, but with some more useful features for printing. Because of using inkjet technology for printing, the Deskjet printers are able to impress you with a very high print resolution.  

The HP Deskjet 2776 printer can print with up to 1200 ×1200 dpi resolution when it is printing in black and white.  But when the printer is printing with color, it can deliver each print with up to  4800 ×1200 dpi resolution. 

Connectivity Features

The connectivity features provided you with by the HP Deskjet 2776 printer are very convenient. On one hand, you can connect your printer with your laptop or computer through the USB connectivity option. 

And, on the other hand, you will get better and faster printing when you use the dual-band WiFi connectivity option of this printer. Moreover, the HP Smart App will make your mobile printing easier. 

Bottom Lines– Should I Go for HP Deskjet 2776 Review?

We have brought one of the most reliable reviews on the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2776 All-In-One printer to you. We hope, as soon as you complete this article, you will instantly love this printer for its exceptional performance and outstanding efficiency. 

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