Hp Neverstop 1200w vs 1200nw- Detailed Comparison

The laser printers from HP are quite popular across the globe. Their laser printers’ range consists of several models and the major ones are Hp Neverstop 1200w and Hp Neverstop 1200nw. However, due to their confusing and almost similar model names, people are truly confused about which one is the best between these two. Hp Neverstop 1200w vs 1200nw comparison, we will clear all your doubts.

Before proceeding with their detailed comparison, let’s have a look at their key features.

Hp Neverstop 1200w vs 1200nw- At a Glance

Hp Neverstop 1200w vs 1200nw Specs Comparison

FEATURESHP 1200WHp 1200nw
FunctionalityAll-In-One (Printing, Scanning, Copying)All-In-One (Printing, Scanning, Copying)
Printer TypeLaser PrinterLaser Printer
Page yield5000 pages (ISO standards)5000 pages (ISO standards)
Print Per Minute
(Print speed)
Up to 20 ppmUp to 20 ppm
Print QualityUp to 600 x 600 Up to 600 x 600 dpi
WiFi, USBAvailable Available
Cost Per Print 29 Paise25 paise per page
Ideal UserOffice
Small businesses
Small businesses
Power UsageLow
OS SupportWindows 11, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
macOS Sierra (v10.12) macOS High Sierra, (v10.13)
Windows 11, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
macOS Sierra (v10.12) macOS High Sierra, (v10.13)
Weight8.73 Kg‎9 kg
DisplayICON LCDLCD Display
Warranty1 Year1 year

Hp Neverstop 1200w vs 1200nw Comparison in Detail

Hp Neverstop 1200w vs 1200nw
Hp Neverstop 1200w vs 1200nw

Design and Build Qulaity

The design of both of these printers is top-notch. The build quality is also superb. The HP Neverstop 1200w printer is small and light, measuring 29.34 x 38.05 x 28.7 cm and weighing 8.73 Kg. The HP Neverstop 1200NW printer, on the other hand, is compact and lightweight, but a little heavier than the HP Neverstop 1200W printer, with dimensions of 29.3 x 38.1 x 28.7 cm and a weight of 9 kg.

In short, Hp Neverstop 120 is little lighter. However, it is not a dealbreaker at all.

Printing Features and Quality

The best resolution for printing is the same for the HP Neverstop 1200W and HP Neverstop 1200NW printers. Both of these printers are capable of printing at a maximum resolution of 600 dpi. These printers can only print monochrome documents and photos. Colour printing is not possible in both of them.

Its a tie when it comes about printing resolution and printing quality.

When it comes to page yield, they are the same too. With their out-of-the-box toner, you can expect a page yield of 5000 pages. Both of these printers are the world’s first cartridge-free laser printers. As a result, you can easily reload the toner within 15 seconds and without creating any mess.

The page yield of both of these printer are same. 

The HP Neverstop 1200W and HP Neverstop 1200NW printers both print at a speed of 20 pages per minute. We have found the printing speed to be a little slower than many competing laser printers that print at speeds of up to 40 pages per minute. However, if you are going to buy any of them for home or office, 20 pages per minute of printing speed are not bad at all.

Its a tie in the printing speed department too.

In the printing cost department, there is a little difference. The printing cost of HP 1200W is  29 Paise whereas printing cost in Hp 1200nw 25 Paise Per Page- a little lesser.

Hp 1200nw is little ahead when it comes about printing cost.

Connectivity Options

Ethernet, WiFi and WiFi Direct, and USB 2.0 are the connectivity options you are getting on both the HP Neverstop 1200W and HP Neverstop 1200NW printers. Both of these printers have mobile printing alternatives, such as the HP Smart App, which contains a number of customisable shortcuts for scanning and printing from smartphones.

Again, in the connectivity department, we are seeing a tie.

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Our Verdict- Which One Should You Go for?

As you can see in this Hp 1200nw vs Hp Neverstop 1200w comparison, these two printers are almost identical and there are few negligible differences only. Go for Hp Neverstop 1200w, if you need a lightweight printer and can do most of the things just like Hp 1200nw. You can also go for Hp 1200nw if you want to reduce the printing cost a little. Here are the buying links for them as mentioned below.

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