Why Printer running out of ink quickly ? [Fixed]

Running out of ink in the mid of any important job can be really frustrating as well as irritating for the printer owner. It is also disgusting to see that your printer is pooping up an unexpected low ink message every single time. So these things can be happened due to various reasons and here we will give you many solutions to fix it.

Here I have mentioned some of them and also given a short guide so that you could get to know the relevant things regarding printer cartridges and their issues.

Reasons for Which Your Printer Running Out of Ink Quickly

1. Frequent Printer cleaning

Any technology-based machine needs regular maintenance and cares to retain the efficiency of day-to-day use. Proper maintenance ensures the health and keeps printer cartridges in their shape. The printer will prompt to run a cleaning itself if it’s been inactive for a long period, after cleaning print a page to check the print quality.

A bit of ink will be pulled out from cartridges every single time whenever a printer has been cleaned, also by ink removal has a benefit too, it helps to get rid of the bubbles which are there on the cartridges or any kind of dry ink that might be stuck in the nozzles. It can be fixed easily, like by doing a couple of cleaning or by avoiding two or more cleanings in a single row. If the issue still persists then you need to get new cartridges as soon as possible.

2. Inadequate Cartridge page yield

Page yield is basically the number of printers we can get from one single cartridge. Thus page yield can vary and depend on the series of cartridge quality and obviously the compatibility of the printer.

If your recently purchased printer is not giving as many printings as the other ones then it is due to the low page yields of your brand-new printer cartridge. To fix this issue you need to buy a high-yielding printer cartridge or a printer that prints more pages. Page yield has a great impact on the overall point volume while monitoring the printer output.

3. Occasional use of the printer

The use of a printer can also determine the longevity of your printer. If the ink cartridges are left in the machine for more than a couple of weeks unused they can dry out. Although it can be brought back to normal life by running a cleaning of the machine, if the issue still persists then you need to replace the set of cartridges.

Ink tank printers or toner cartridges are good printing solutions for occasional printings. As the toner powder is composed of a dry kind of plastic material it will not dry out as a regular ink cartridge. Try to keep a damp cloth in the tub next to the cartridge and store it in a dark and cool place.

4. Wrong printer  settings

Sometimes incorrect printer settings can also make your printer cartridge bad and deplete its condition. One can easily decrease the use of ink by simply adjusting settings (like print quality, ink usage, etc.) there are also many other modes as per users’ needs. like- Greyscale, Draft, color mode, etc. It can be fixed by adjusting the settings as per requirement.

5. Types of printed documents

The mode you choose has a straight reflection on your ink usage, suppose you are choosing color print then automatically it will consume more ink than the black and white print. However, it also depends on the cartridge and its page-yielding power.

You need to evaluate your printing category and as per your need, you have to customize the printer and also the cartridge. In the case of high-color printings you need to buy high-yielding cartridges only it will help you out from your printer out of ink. Apart from all these reasons there can be other reasons too. Here I am mentioning some solutions. They are—

Solutions for Your Printer running out of ink quickly

Solutions for Your Printer running out of ink quickly
  • Try to keep your printer on economy or draft mode which will conserve your ink cartridges. This model is available in almost all contemporary printers and it also speeds up the process and eventually saves ink consumption.
  • Always check before giving printout commands, whether in the office or at home, sometimes it is the only cause behind high ink usage.
  • If you print black and white documents mostly then trying to switch your cartridge to black will help a lot to conserve your toner supply and cartridge.
  • You won’t believe but the font has also an impact on consuming high ink. By changing your favorite font style you will notice a drastic change for sure in ink usage.
  • Try to use high-quality cartridges, it will enhance not only the printing quality but also save your ink consumption.
  • Keep a nominal budget while buying a printer, because buying a low-cost printer will eventually lead you towards huge ongoing costs on buying ink cartridges.
  • Last but not least try to keep your printer on maintenance, even every mechanical thing need proper care and regular check-up. Keeping an eye on printers will be highly beneficial for the user in long-term usage.


To conclude we can say that throughout the article have seen why ink can run out so fast and how can we optimize our printers and cartridge so that they can stay healthy for a longer time. Hope these solutions will help you a lot with your printer ink-related issues. Happy printing!

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