Things to Check Before Buying a New Printer (2023)

Things to Check Before Buying a New Printer in 2023- If you are looking for a new printer to buy, you must be getting confused about different models of printers with their different features. So it becomes very difficult for you to make the right choice according to your needs. 

But there is no need to worry because we are here to give you proper suggestions for buying a new printer. In this article, we will tell you the things you have to check before you buy a new printer. So let us read this article carefully. 

Keep in mind these things before buying a new printer-

  • Sort out printers within your budget.
  • Check Ink Cartridge Configuration.
  • Check Print Quality.
  • Check Print Speed.
  • Check Connectivity Fetures.
  • Make sure you like the size and design.

Things to Check Before Buying a New Printer

Things to Check Before Buying a New Printer

1. Sort Out Printers Within Your Budget

There are so many printers available in the market that come with different costs. So firstly you need to set a budget. Then you have to shortlist which printers come within your budget. 

During shortlisting, you must remember that cheap printers often come with expensive ink. On the other hand, expensive printers usually come with cheap ink. So one must check the initial cost and running cost (cost of refilling ink cartridges, cost per print, etc.) of the printer you are going to buy. 

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2. Check Ink Cartridge Configuration 

You must check the ink cartridge configurations of a printer before buying it. The printers available in the market usually have three ink cartridge configurations.

Some printers come only with two ink cartridges where one cartridge is for black ink and the other one is the color cartridge. 

Some printers have one black cartridge with three individual color cartridges. This kind of printer is commonly known as CMYK model. These three colors are cyan, magenta, and yellow. 

Lastly, some printers come with ink reservoirs, instead of ink cartridges. These ink reservoirs contain different ink bottles for different colors of ink and they are easily refillable. This type of printer is more suitable because of is more comfortable and economical compared to others. 

3. Check Print Quality 

You are going to buy a new printer because you need to print, right? So you must check the print quality of the printer. Most of the users prefer laser printers because they can print with the best quality. But laser printers are very costly. So everyone can’t afford it. 

If you can’t afford a laser printer, you can easily buy an ink tank printer. Ink tank printers deliver prints with very high speed and amazing resolution. These printers are even able to print vibrant photographs. 

You can also try inkjet printers if you want to buy a new printer for your home. These printers are also able to print with high resolution. 

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4. Check Print Speed 

Today’s world is a busy world. Nobody has time to waste. So if you have to wait minutes after minutes to take a printout, it is really irritating. To avoid this, you must check the speed of printing of the printer you are going to buy. 

We measure the print Speed of a printer in PPM or Pages Per Minute. It is true that the print speed of a printer depends on the type of documents and the number of documents you are printing. But print speed differs from printer to printer. So you must check the box of the printer where the PPM rating is given. 

5. Check Connectivity Features 

One of the most crucial things you have to check before buying a new printer is its connectivity features. Almost every printer comes with a wired connectivity option, which means they have USB ports that will help you connect the printer to your computer or laptop. 

Some printers come with both wireless and wired connectivity features. They will also offer you Bluetooth LE connectivity. These printers are of course more convenient for printing than those which only have wired connectivity. 

Moreover, a few brands manufacture such amazing printers that are also compatible with Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint. But these printers often cost more than ordinary wireless printers. 

6. Size And Design

Size and design are very important when you are buying an electronic gadget. To buy a new printer, you must check its size and shape. You must go for a printer that is small in size so that you can place it in a small place. Also, if you buy a small printer, you can easily carry it or move it from one place to another. 


Though we have mentioned only five things you have to check before buying a new printer, there are some additional features that are also important to check, such as – paper formats supported by the printer, pros and cons of the printer, etc. 

We hope, after reading this article, you can confidently choose the best printer for your home or office. If you still have any confusion, you can ask us in the comment below.

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